Below are some resources that have helped me and continue to be wonderful learning tools.


The Recording Revolution


The Recording Revolution is honestly one of the most informative websites we have come across. This site specializes in getting the most out of your home studio environment. Don't have a $20,000 SSL console? No problem! Recording Revolution creator Graham Cochrane will show you how to make your home mixes sound like you have a $20,000 console with your digital audio workstation. Check it out!

Music Industry Connection


It's an age old question - how do you get in touch with the bigiwigs at the labels when you can't even find out who to get in touch with? These industry lists answers help to make it possible for the average independent musician to get in touch with the CEOs and heads of companies like Capitol, Clear Channel, Universal Republic, and more. If you are looking to submit your music to major companies, this is the site to check out.

Indie Connect


Where do you find a producer? How can you find a seasoned recording engineer in your area? Indie Connect has solved many of these problems for me over the years. It makes it extremely easy to find other musicians hungry to work and collaborate. It's like a social network for independent music makers - but better!