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ZACHARY CAMPOS - "Scorching"

MUSIC FARMER 5 - Review by Adam Jones

Turning Up the Heat on Alt-Hip-Hop

In today's exciting world of alt-hip-hop, ZACHARY CAMPOS emerges as a dazzling light of creativity and unbridled energy with his latest single, “Scorching.” The track stands as a bold affirmation of Campos’ mastery over words, artfully marrying the raw edge of punk rock with the rhythmic brilliance of old-school rap.

From the very beginning, “Scorching” captivates listeners with a Ramones-style punk drumbeat, heralding the onset of a musical juggernaut. The entry of a deeply filtered rock bass, seamlessly transitioning between two chords, lays down a foundation for what becomes a masterful fusion of genres. The moment the guitar unleashes its roaring power chord pattern, the song morphs into a gnarly arena filled with intensity and vigor, showcasing the production prowess of Josh Zuckermann and Tim J. Abbott.

ZACHARY CAMPOS’ vocal entrance is where “Scorching” truly earns its name. Drawing on the electrifying essence of the Beastie Boys blended with the passionate intensity of Joey Ramone, ZACHARY CAMPOS delivers a performance that is both powerful and mesmerizing. His lyrics paint a picture of confidence and the relentless pursuit of destiny, perfectly embodying the influence of icons like Rakim and the vibrant energy found in Jet Set Radio Future. His prowess on the mic, bringing “old school style” while maintaining smoothness, showcases his deep understanding and control of his art form.

ZACHARY CAMPOS' Scorching” transcends being merely a track; it is a bold declaration from an artist who defies genre constraints. Drawing from a rich backdrop of influences - the beat-driven narratives of 1980s hip-hop, the defiant energy of 1970s punk, and the introspective vibe of 2000s indie rock - Campos has forged a sound distinctly his own. His path from performing in intimate settings like assisted living facilities and wineries to launching what is certainly poised to be a groundbreaking album, “Funky MC,” is a journey of resilience and discovery.


Drawing on the electrifying essence of the Beastie Boys blended with the passionate intensity of Joey Ramone, ZACHARY CAMPOS delivers a performance that is both powerful and mesmerizing.


With its sheer energy, ZACHARY CAMPOS' “Scorching” offers a riveting peek into Campos’ upcoming album. The song not only highlights his agile lyricism but also his skill in blending diverse musical realms to craft a sound that is innovative yet reminiscent of his wide-ranging influences. Santiago Diaz’s artwork for the single captures the essence of its dynamic spirit.

As “Scorching” lights up the scene, ZACHARY CAMPOS is poised to claim his spot among the trailblazers of the industry. His track is not merely a song; it’s an odyssey - a fiery call to the transformative power of music to stir, to inspire, and to transcend boundaries. In “Scorching,” ZACHARY CAMPOS ignites a flame that is set to burn with brilliance in the history of alternative hip-hop.

Check out "Scorching" by ZACHARY CAMPOS below!👇


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