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WonderCurrent Presents Self-Titled Album, "WonderCurrent"

MUSIC FARMER 5 - Review by Wolf Georgia

An Ode to Life's Landscape

A picturesque portrait of beautiful Minneapolis has been eternally captured in sound with WonderCurrent's self-titled debut album. It’s a refreshing infusion of classic indie tones and contemporary lyrical narratives, beautifully and masterfully orchestrated by the collaborative geniuses Dave Dvorak and J.J. Benson. The former, with a background in Zoë Says Go, and the latter, having lent his masterful touch to bands like Lolo’s Ghost and the Courtney Yasmineh band, come together in this project, offering an album that feels both intimate and expansive.

The album opens with "Things That Matter Most" - a track that immediately greets you with a sunlit acoustic melody that's reminiscent of early morning rays filtering through a window. The rhythm section is groovy yet chill, laying a vibrant foundation for the vocals that have an unmistakable Willie Nelson meets Bruce Springsteen flavor. It’s storytelling at its best, with lyrics that remind one of the simpler joys of life. As the song concludes with “a new day”, there’s a palpable sense of rejuvenation.

Then there’s “Guernica”, which immediately intrigues with its Beatles-inspired guitar riffs. The harmonies in this track are enveloping, cocooning the listener in a web of nostalgic yet edgy sounds, especially with the prominence of the organ towards its conclusion.

"Mona Lisa Smile" is another gem, leaning more towards a playful narrative akin to the 90s charm of the Barenaked Ladies. With lyrics that offer commentary on a real-life muse, the track has a delightful rhythm that can make even the most stoic of listeners tap their foot.

And just when you thought you've felt it all, "Home" takes you on an emotional detour. It’s the kind of ballad you can imagine being sung around a campfire, with harmonies that transport you, summoning memories of home, wherever or whatever that might be.


A picturesque portrait of beautiful Minneapolis has been eternally captured in sound with WonderCurrent's self-titled debut album.

WonderCurrent is more than just a musical project. It’s a fiery display of resilience, reflecting humanity's collective journey through moments of despair, hope, introspection, and whimsy. The album’s exploration of contemporary social issues, including war and environmental crises, places it right in the heart of our tumultuous times, serving as both a reflection and a balm.

Dave Dvorak and J.J. Benson have created a lush soundscape that is at once provocative and comforting. WonderCurrent is not just an album; it's an experience that beckons to be savored, pondered upon, and revisited. It’s the kind of music that stands the test of time, much like the age-old currents that shape our world.

Check out "WonderCurrent" by WonderCurrent below!👇


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