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Walter Kemp 3 and The International Superband BLACK WHOLE release "Good Morning"

Review by Adam Jones - MUSIC FARMER 5

A New Dawn in Jazz - A Harmonic Awakening with Walter Kemp 3 & Black Whole

'Good Morning' by Walter Kemp 3's International Superband Black Whole is a delight to the auditory senses that effortlessly evokes the warmth and invigoration of a new dawn. As the title implies, this composition wakes up the listener, a vibrant sunrise that emerges from the heart of Black music and is shared for all to see.

In this live release, the band builds on their extraordinary repertoire, beginning with a playful piano pattern that is both familiar and novel, invoking the soulful groove of Thelonious Monk and the tonal complexities of Pat Metheny. It's an upbeat, mood-boosting masterpiece that also carries the authenticity and spirit of a John Legend and John Mayer Trio fusion.

Walter Kemp 3, an extraordinary musician in his own regard, ignites 'Good Morning' with a captivating hook that sets the rhythm of this melodious daybreak. Kemp weaves a beautiful & flowing tapestry of sound that keeps the listener engaged and wondering what will come next; it is in this curiosity where the MAGIC truly resides.

Playing alongside Kemp, Brent Birckhead, the multi-reed maverick, introduces his unique flavor into the composition. His performance on 'Good Morning' elevates the piece to extraordinary heights, taking us on a journey to a realm beyond imagination.

Adding to the song's auditory feast are Scott Tixier on violin, Rishon Odel on bass, and Allan Mednard on drums. These maestros create a harmonious interplay, their virtuosity on full display. The way Tixier's violin communicates with Odel's bass and Mednard's drums highlights the astounding synchronicity of this band, breathing life into this vibrant composition.

'Good Morning' is a shining example of what Walter Kemp 3 & Black Whole are all about: a coming together of musical souls to pay homage to the ancestral sounds of Black music. By infusing this traditional music with elements of space-age and gospel-infused roots music, Kemp 3 and Black Whole have created something entirely unique.


'Good Morning' is a shining example of what Walter Kemp 3 & Black Whole are all about: a coming together of musical souls to pay homage to the ancestral sounds of Black music.

'Good Morning' is more than a musical experience; it's a commitment to the exploration and reimagining of the jazz genre, captured with authenticity and spirit. A nod to the past, a dance with the present, and an exciting foray into the future. It's not just a song, but a welcome greeting to the day - a morning ritual that promises to awaken and inspire you.

Listening to 'Good Morning' feels like watching a sunrise, a spectacle of light and color emerging from the darkness, offering a fresh start and new possibilities. It's a daily spectacle, a familiar experience, and yet each dawn brings its own unique charm - just like this live single from Walter Kemp 3 and his International Superband, Black Whole.

'Good Morning' is more than a song - it's a celebration of Black influences, mixed together to create an auditory painting of the ever-important rising sun; an affirmation of the beauty of new beginnings rooted in powerful foundations. This jazz masterpiece is a veritable testament to Walter Kemp 3 and Black Whole's dedication, expertise, and, above all, LOVE for music.

Check out "Good Morning" by Walter Kemp 3 and Black Whole below!👇

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