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Review by Adam Jones - MUSIC FARMER 5

Fantastically imaginative musician readies the launch of an epic sonic masterpiece

What do you get when you blend the essence of legendary groups such as The Beatles, Rush, MGMT and Fun? You get VINCENT VAN BEETHOVEN, a musical project led by Minneapolis-based musician and audio engineer Joe Finstrom. He is preparing to release a full length later this year, "Needle and Thread," and has two tracks from it out on platforms everywhere TODAY - “Here We Go” and “October Sky.”

Here We Go” is an epic rock ballad with beautiful orchestral instrumentation, Phil Collins-inspired roto-toms, and intriguing Beatles-inspired vocal harmonic production techniques. The song is heartfelt but also retains an element of fun.

October Sky” begins with an epic drone synth leading straight into an even more epic 80s-influenced verse. Joe’s passionate verged-out vocal performance soars above the soundscape, dancing amongst an upbeat rhythm section. The song has got plenty of beautiful sonic peaks and valleys, adding an air of MAGIC to the track.

For me, my favorite tracks on the unreleased album are “Hey Baby,” a track that could have been written and performed by Prince, or even David Byrne from the Talking Heads! There’s also “In a New Light”, which has an awesome bass / drum groove that makes me wanna bop my head up and down. It eventually climaxes into a gigantic cacophony of synth madness, complete with a driving dance beat, before coming back around into the infectious groove from before. The song ends on a funk piano chord, dazzling the listener in a sense of mystery.

The album ends with a beautiful rendition of Enya’s “Only Time,” which sounds hauntingly beautiful with VINCENT VAN BEETHOVEN’s creative sonic soundscape.

Be sure to follow VINCENT VAN BEETHOVEN, and stay tuned for the full-length album, Needle and Thread dropping soon!



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