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Tide Tan - "Lotus"

The German rapper rockets through the stream waves

WOW! What’s up everyone, Wolf Georgia here with a brand spankin’ new review for LOTUS by TIDE TAN, an amazing new rapper straight outta Germany. This dude not only spits sick rhymes - he’s got sick vibes. His music is cool & airy, yet urgent & exciting.

The first track is “Habitat”, a flow-track with articulate, cool vocals and trippy synths. The synth pattern sits comfortably underneath an extremely haunting theme, showcasing a problem so many of us have had to deal with during this pandemic: pervasive loneliness. With this music, Tide Tan can easily become the voice of this generation. “Writing a text but no one is writing back because they got plans drinking and party I am at home waiting for anybody to call.” The song ends on a repeating chant “Hello, hello, hello.” This is some deep stuff, and I know will speak to the souls of so many listeners.

We then have “Lotus”, a song with a faster-paced rhythmic vocal performance showcasing Tan’s articulate agility. It is more of a musical interlude on the album, at just under 1:30 - but nonetheless, an important thread to this album.

Following up after Lotus is “Moneyac,” a song with a more throwback vibe to the golden era of hip-hop (1990s). There are cool synths and edgy drums - it feels more like an old-school West Coast hit. This track is definitely more upbeat and employs the use of super intricate vocal harmonization.

The rest of the album is FANTASTIC, but the last two tracks that really stick out to me are “Zoomed In” and “Zoom Out.” “Zoomed In” opens with a dreamy guitar and organ, followed by upbeat drums and super chill vocals. “Zoom Out” features dreamy guitar in yet another sense (a little more psychedelic), followed by a nasty drumbeat and a more aggressive vocal performance - there is more old school on this one than the rest. I absolutely love it.

Check out Tide Tan below:



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