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THY VEILS - "Here We Are Sidereal"

MUSIC FARMER 5 - Review by Adam Jones

The Astral Rhythms of a Sonic Supernova

Within the expansive celestial arena of auditory and visual spectacle, THY VEILS' "Here We Are Sidereal" shines like a supernova of artistic expression. This live dance show, an offering at the altar of the Galactic Tick Festival, unfolds as a cosmic ballet - a dance of the divine lit by the astral glow of a universe in motion.

As the show begins, a synthesizer throbs with the fervor of a newborn star, heralding an odyssey not just through the heavens but within the infinite expanses of the soul. This is not mere music—it's the resonant pulse of the cosmos, an auditory Big Bang that sets the stage for an unrivaled cosmic spectacle. The synthesizer's web of sound, as innovative as Kraftwerk's electronic revolution, becomes the auditory vessel for the audience's astral projection.

The dancers, bathed in cosmic luminescence, elevate the performance to an otherworldly realm. They defy the laws of physics with their ethereal grace, their every movement a poetic narrative written across the dark canvas of space—a choreographic masterpiece defying earthly bounds.

When the rhythmic cadence of electronic drums and a bass line with a Daft Punk essence join the celestial chorus, it feels less like a shift and more like a galactic alignment—a rhythmic pulsar that underscores the cosmic dance. The groove is magnetic, a gravitational pull that anchors the fleeting beauty of the dancers' celestial parade.

Amidst this interstellar symphony, Alira Mun's vocals emerge, a siren's call from the depths of the universe. Her voice transcends mere melody to become a sonic beacon, illuminating the soundscape with the radiance of a thousand suns. The dancers revolve around her, a living solar system choreographed around the steady burn of her stellar presence.


THY VEILS' "Here We Are Sidereal" shines like a supernova of artistic expression.

As the performance reaches its zenith, the synth retreats into the cosmic ether, a final echo across the auditory expanse, leaving a trail of stardust in its wake. The video itself is a microcosm of the universe—a vibrant, throbbing, living entity that communicates not just a song but a celestial event in the language of the spirit.

THY VEILS, envisioned by the astute Daniel Dorobanțu, has conjured more than a show; they have orchestrated a celestial festival, a shared cosmic holiday for the spirit and senses. With "Here We Are Sidereal," they extend an invitation beyond the ephemeral, into a dance with the stars. This is the music of the spheres, an astral celebration, a transcendental journey curated by the pioneers of avant-garde sound. In this performance, THY VEILS does not merely cross the frontiers of experimental music; they soar above them, leaving a luminous trail in the vast cosmic sea.

Check out "Here We Are Sidereal" by THY VEILS below!👇


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