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The Wonsers - "You Never Knew Me When I Was Young V2"

Review by Adam Jones - MUSIC FARMER 5

Legendary 90s indie-pop band makes a monumental comeback

Today I got the opportunity to review a super cool band called The Wonsers, a Minneapolis-based rock band formed in 1992 by the Van Dyke brothers— Peter, John and Matt—who named the band after their mom’s maiden name. In preparation for the release of two brand new singles (“Without a Sound” and “Long Way To Go”), the band has re-released their album “You Never Knew Me When I Was Young V2"

I’ve gotta say, this album ROCKS - it echoes the slick-yet-raw sounds of bands like REM, the fun uptempo rhythmic arrangements of bands like Weezer, and the rawness that comes with being a cool grungey pop-rock-indie band from the 90s.

The album opens with “Skyline Bridge,” a super fun and upbeat song that makes you feel like you’re flying while head-banging at the same time. The vocals are both emotive and effortless - the performance is raw, intimate, but also lively.

Next up is “Flowers,” a beautiful and laid-back funk ballad-of-sorts, which is followed immediately by my favorite track on the album “Mess.”

Mess” showcases the band’s creative use of production, vocal harmonies, and guitar work. The drums smack you in the left-ear (Beatles style, baby!), while a perfectly-driven Hofner bass grooves around center-right (Paul McCartney anyone? Again, Beatles style, baby!)

Mess” also makes an appearance on the album as a live-version, an extremely exciting performance that has been immortalized for your enjoyment. And enjoyable it is - I find myself physically banging my head, bopping along while listening to this undeniably passionate performance!

Montana” and “Nobody” are equally impressive in different ways - they are both slower, grunge ballads that showcase the emotional vocal performance by John Van Dyke.

In this day and age of squeaky clean electro-pop, it’s extremely REFRESHING to hear a band like THE WONSERS making a comeback. I’m very excited to hear what they have in store for us in 2023.

Check out You Never Knew Me When I Was Young V2 by The Wonsers below!👇

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