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MUSIC FARMER 5 - Review by Adam Jones

Charting the Constellations of Rock's Infinite Universe

THE GROOVIES embark on an epic sonic odyssey in their latest album "Heaven" - transcending the boundaries of rock & pop, crafting a mosaic of melodies that resonate with the heart's deepest frequencies. With members Michael Caisse, Richard Cowdrey, Elliott (Dodge) Cowdrey, David Redding, and Steven Thellen pooling decades of musical exploration, the album emerges as a vibrant landscape of diverse influences and emotions.

From the very beginning, THE GROOVIES enchant the listener with the title-track, "Heaven" - it's foundation formed in a new-wave rock bass flow, charting a course through majestic soundscapes. The ethereal delay of the guitars, paired with the dynamic pulse of the drums, ushers in a realm where celestial and earthly harmonies converge. The vocals, rich with longing and hope, invite listeners into a narrative of love and yearning, opening the gates to an auditory paradise.

Shifting gears, "It's Not Impossible" dazzles with its Police-inspired riff, painting a picture of joy and intrigue. The song's energy, reminiscent of a confluence between "Men At Work" and "Fountains of Wayne," is elevated by vocal harmonies that sparkle with a magical essence, while the psychedelic bridge deepens the song's mystique.

"Phantom Radio" captivates with its distant, radio-filtered vocals and gritty guitar lines, evoking a Talking Heads groove that's irresistibly entrancing. "Phantom Radio" showcases THE GROOVIES' flair for blending nostalgic vibes with a crisp, modern sound, creating a groove that spans generations.

"1982" harks back to the anthemic power rock of its namesake era, with a drum intro that nods to Phil Collins and guitars that float in a celestial dance. The vivid storytelling in the vocals paints a scene of nightlife and aspiration, climaxing in a chorus that's both grand and intimately relatable.

In "Absolute You," the album finds its emotional epicenter—a ballad where the acoustic guitar creates an ethereal dimension. The lyrics explore the bittersweet journey of youth and lost love, encapsulating moments of reflection and the passage of time.

Closing the album, "Storm Winds" is an exquisite composition that blends eerie beginnings with a robust melodic progression. The song delves into the themes of change and distance with a lyrical beauty that is both captivating and introspective, leaving an indelible mark on the listener.


From the very beginning, THE GROOVIES enchant the listener with the title-track, "Heaven" - it's foundation formed in a new-wave rock bass flow, charting a course through majestic soundscapes.


THE GROOVIES' "Heaven" is not just a collection of songs; it's an expedition through the landscapes of emotion and memory, guided by THE GROOVIES' masterful musicianship and deep-rooted passion for storytelling through sound. Each track is a chapter in a larger narrative, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in a world where every note and lyric holds the power to evoke and inspire.

With "Heaven," THE GROOVIES extend an invitation to journey through a universe of sound that is as nostalgic as it is groundbreaking. It's an album that dances, touches, and speaks to the soul, making it an essential experience for both long-standing fans and newcomers alike. In this symphony of sound and soul, "Heaven" stands as a luminous landmark in the band's illustrious rock and roll journey.

Listen to "Heaven" by THE GROOVIES below!👇


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