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Tetsarri - "Awaken Your Subconscious"


Redefining Binaural Beats and Awakening Minds with "Awaken Your Subconscious"


In the realm of music, innovation unlocks uncharted territories, inviting listeners on transformative journeys. Binaural beats, a captivating audio phenomenon, powerfully alter consciousness, promoting relaxation, focus, and creativity. Leading this groundbreaking genre is Tetsarri, a visionary binaural and ambient artist, revolutionizing the binaural music industry.

What are Binaural Beats?

Binaural beats create an auditory illusion by presenting slightly different frequencies to each ear. This generates a third tone, the binaural beat, altering brainwave patterns and offering psychological and physiological benefits.

How do Binaural Beats Work?

The brain operates at various frequencies, associated with distinct states of consciousness. Binaural beats stimulate brainwaves for desirable outcomes:

1. Delta (0.5 - 4 Hz): Induces deep sleep and relaxation, promoting rejuvenation.

2. Theta (4 - 8 Hz): Facilitates meditation, creativity, and subconscious access.

3. Alpha (8 - 13 Hz): Cultivates calm focus, reducing stress and anxiety.

4. Beta (13 - 30 Hz): Enhances alertness, cognitive function, and problem-solving.

5. Gamma (30 - 100 Hz): Amplifies peak concentration and cognitive performance.

6. Tetsarri: A Binaural Music Trailblazer

Nwabueze Ikenna Benjamin, Tetsarri, from Nigeria, emerges as a prodigious binaural and ambient artist, pushing the limits of binaural beats' potential.

A Discography of Ethereal Soundscapes

Tetsarri's discography transports listeners to otherworldly realms through mesmerizing soundscapes. Harmonious blends of ethereal melodies, captivating rhythms, and ambient textures breathe new life into binaural music.

Latest Album: "Awaken Your Subconscious"

Tetsarri's transformative masterpiece, "Awaken Your Subconscious," delves into the depths of the mind. Meticulously designed binaural beats offer a meditative escape from modern life's noise, guiding exploration of the subconscious.

A Symphony of Serenity

"Awaken Your Subconscious" nurtures heightened awareness and inner peace. Enchanting compositions create seamless harmony, a must-listen for solace-seekers amidst chaos.

Available on Major Platforms

Tetsarri's brilliance is accessible worldwide on major music platforms. "Awaken Your Subconscious" streams on Spotify, iTunes, and more, captivating audiences with its auditory journey.


Tetsarri's contributions redefine sound's power in transforming consciousness. Enchanting compositions and mastery of binaural beats captivate global audiences. "Awaken Your Subconscious" invites self-discovery and heightened awareness.

Continuing to Push Boundaries

Tetsarri's artistic journey unfolds, promising limitless possibilities in sound and imagination. Embrace the boundless potential within the realms of binaural music.

Check out "Awaken Your Subconscious" by Tetsarri below!👇

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