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TARAH WHO? - "The Collaboration Project"

Review by Adam Jones - MUSIC FARMER 5

Tarah Who? Unleashes Punk Powerhouse Album: 'The Collaboration Project'

Tarah Who? is not a question that craves an answer, rather it is a statement that demands your undivided attention. This LA-based, French-born musician is a force to be reckoned with. For over a decade, Tarah Carpenter has been bending genres, challenging norms, and breaking barriers with her raw talent and undying passion for music.

Her newest release, "The Collaboration Project", is a triumph in all senses of the word. An edgy amalgamation of the grunge-punk genre with unexpected musical elements, the album is a testament to Tarah's innovative musicality and her determination to uplift independent artists and women in rock. Her partnership with esteemed producers Jason Orme and Norm Block has culminated in a diverse musical product that retains the soulful intensity Tarah Who? is renowned for.

Tarah's origins as a drummer are evident in the pulsating, powerful rhythm patterns that permeate the entire album. Each track stands as a rhythmic exploration, with "Fresh Meat Rockstars" leading the pack. From the electrifying guitar riff that initiates the piece to the anthemic chorus, everything about this track screams punk rock revival. The vocal harmonies that envelope Tarah's own potent voice embody the controlled chaos that defines punk rock.

"Asian Blood" is a wild ride, with a distinct Suicidal Tendencies' flavor, complete with a chilling Halloween-esque guitar line and Tarah's raw, screaming vocals. It's a testimony to her ability to create immersive soundscapes, leaving the listener entrenched in the very core of punk rebellion.

The album isn't all JUST thrashing guitars and rebellious outcry, though - it's so much more. "R.A.D.I.O.", sung in Tarah's native French, is an eclectic jazz-punk piece that presents an alluring contrast to the album's high-energy tracks. This unique genre fusion emphasizes Tarah's boldness in exploring unfamiliar musical territories while ensuring her roots in punk-rock remain evident.


Tarah's origins as a drummer are evident in the pulsating, powerful rhythm patterns that permeate the entire album.

Tarah Who?'s music is a cathartic journey through her own life experiences, and "The Collaboration Project" is no different. Tarah takes you through her narrative, guiding you with her intricate beats and expressive lyrics, making you feel as if you're a part of her personal rebellion. She blends vulnerability with strength, an amalgamation that is both inspiring and intensely relatable.

Tarah Who? has been carving her own path since she defiantly picked up drumsticks at the age of 14, her tenacity and creative fervor have molded her into an unstoppable force in the industry. Her music is more than just sound—it’s a revolution. "The Collaboration Project" is not only a musical odyssey but a beacon of hope for all independent artists who, like Tarah, dream of sharing their talents with the world.

In conclusion, "The Collaboration Project" is a must-listen for anyone in search of a potent, innovative punk-rock experience, all while supporting the ethos of an artist who staunchly advocates for diversity and inclusivity in the music industry.

Listen to "Fresh Meat Rockstars" from The Collaboration Project

by Tarah Who? below!👇


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