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TaniA Kyllikki presents, "I Struck Gold With You"

MUSIC FARMER 5 - Review by Adam Jones

A Sonic Painting in a Treasure Trove of Emotion

In the ever-shifting kaleidoscope of contemporary music, where true artistry often finds itself obscured by the ephemeral whims of trend, TaniA Kyllikki emerges not just as a musician but as the bringer of emotions. Her newest release, "I Struck Gold With You," plucked from the heart of her forthcoming opus "Free-Spirited," is not merely a song—it's a poetic odyssey. Crafted amidst a tempest of health struggles, including a fierce battle with lupus, this piece stands as a pillar of resilience, a showcasing of the unyielding spirit of the soul artist.

The song opens with a piano melody that's both grandiose and intimate, echoing in the chambers of the heart like a cherished memory. The melodic embrace sets the stage for TaniA Kyllikki's voice—a voice that carries the ethereal whispers of Sia and the impassioned fire of Lady Gaga. It's a voice that doesn't just sing but speaks, resonates, and echoes with the intensity of a soul laid bare.

The chorus is a celestial choir, reminiscent of the golden harmonies of Destiny's Child, a sonic embrace that wraps the listener in layers of vocal beauty. TaniA Kyllikki's artful vocal riffing is not just a display of technical prowess; it's a dance of melody and emotion, a ballet of notes that leaps and pirouettes through the soul.

As the song crescendos into its final chorus, with the drums heralding a return to the grand balladry of the '90s, one is reminded of the timelessness of true emotion in music. This song is not just heard; it's felt—a vibrant painting crafted in the medium of sound, depicting scenes of love's enduring strength and the golden glints found amidst life's trials.

Embedded within the notes of "I Struck Gold With You" is TaniA Kyllikki's personal narrative—a symphony of love, struggle, and triumph. Composed in honor of her decade-long journey with her husband, both in life and music, and the physical distances that often tested them, the song stands as an anthem of perseverance and the rare, precious moments that emerge from adversity. It's also a heartfelt serenade to her fans, whose unwavering support has been a beacon during her health battles.


The melodic embrace sets the stage for TaniA Kyllikki's voice—a voice that carries the ethereal whispers of Sia and the impassioned fire of Lady Gaga.


TaniA Kyllikki, who has navigated through storms of abuse and health challenges, infuses her music with a depth of empathy and understanding that resonates on a universal frequency. Her storytelling, rich with emotional landscapes and painted with a vast vocal range, has drawn comparisons to musical legends and cemented her place in the hearts of her global audience. "I Struck Gold With You" is more than a melody; it's a narrative woven in resilience, a ballad of love's triumph, and a reflection of TaniA's unconquerable spirit.

As we await "Free-Spirited," set to grace the world in 2024, "I Struck Gold With You" emerges as a harbinger of an album that promises to be a mosaic of sound, pulsating with life and the power of soulful lyrics. In the indie music scene, TaniA Kyllikki stands as a luminous entity, not solely for her exceptional talent but for her unparalleled capacity to touch hearts and ignite souls with her music.

Listen to “Struck Gold with You” by TaniA Kyllikki below!👇


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