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TaniA Kyllikki ft. Rynellton presents - "In These Eyes"

Review by Adam Jones - MUSIC FARMER 5

Epic, Enigmatic, and Exquisite: TaniA Kyllikki and Rynellton Shine 'In These Eyes'

In the ever-evolving pantheon of indie music, British singer-songwriter TaniA Kyllikki stakes her claim with the standout single, "In These Eyes" - a collaborative tour-de-force featuring her husband and musical partner, Rynellton. This extraordinary track, released under Awe Inspiring Records, encapsulates a genre-bending blend of hip-hop, R&B, and Egyptian Pop elements, with a distinctive rhythm that evokes an enticing sense of mystery.

Commencing with a cryptic drumbeat that incrementally intensifies, the track weaves an enigmatic soundscape underscored by a reverberating electric guitar. This serves as a bedrock for TaniA's breathtaking vocal performance which ebbs and flows like the Nile itself, echoing the hauntingly beautiful vibes reminiscent of Evanescence with an Egyptian twist.

There's an almost pop-metal quality to this track, which, however, never loses sight of its epic grandeur sensibility. TaniA's voice pirouettes effortlessly through the soundscape, her signature vibrato oscillating with such irresistible allure that it seamlessly bridges the gap between classic and contemporary pop vocals. Passion, attitude, and color abound in this vocal tour-de-force, reaffirming TaniA's monikers such as "British Songbird" and "Lyrical Genius."

The song, however, pushes the envelope even further, showcasing TaniA's expansive vocal range as she dives into whistle-tone territory, a feat that would make artists like Ariana Grande proud. The track culminates on one of these stratospheric high notes, leaving the listener in awe and eager for more.

"In These Eyes" tells a captivating story of true love, as seen through the hypnotic gaze of a woman with captivating green-blue eyes. The exquisite lyrics and melodies, crafted by TaniA herself, are adorned with Arabic-style riffs, adding an exotic flavor that beautifully complements the narrative. The song is an audacious testament to TaniA's bold and creative musical vision.


"TaniA's breathtaking vocal performance which ebbs and flows like the Nile itself, echoing the hauntingly beautiful vibes reminiscent of Evanescence with an Egyptian twist."

This intoxicating release also offers a glimpse into the upcoming album, "Free-Spirited," which promises to continue TaniA's genre-blending journey into Soulful R&B, Pop, and House. If "In These Eyes" is any indication, we're in for an exciting, boundary-pushing experience.

Despite battling numerous personal challenges, including heart disease caused by autoimmune conditions, TaniA's indomitable spirit resonates powerfully throughout her music. Her emotive lyricism, combined with her raw and organic storytelling approach, make her not only a remarkable artist but an inspiration.

"In These Eyes," with its diverse palette of sounds and intriguing cultural elements, solidifies TaniA Kyllikki's place in the global music scene. It's not merely a song - it's a testament to her strength, creativity, and resilience. It's a promise of more beautiful music to come, a beacon of her unwavering artistic vision, and a love letter to her fans. "In These Eyes" will undoubtedly be a song to play on repeat, letting TaniA's exquisite voice echo into the ages.

Check out "In These Eyes" by TaniA Kyllikki ft. Rynellton below!👇


TaniA Kyllikki

1. "In These Eyes" has such a unique blend of genres, from Hip hop to R&B, and even Egyptian Pop. What inspired you to combine these particular styles?

Honestly this is just how both of our creative minds work, we are both very versatile risk takers when it comes to music. On the Contrary Rynellton, aka Garry D Hairston, and I decided to take some time one evening and get back into our creativity separately. While both in a creative mood. Once Garry had finished his idea and shared it with me, I was in shock. Because my song, "In These Eye's" I just wrote and had come up with a melody and song arrangement for, fit perfectly with what he had done. So we blended the two ideas together and well here we are!! lol.... Talk about chemistry, WOW!!

2. The depth and range of your vocals in "In These Eyes" is astounding, particularly your transitions into whistle-tones. Can you talk about your vocal training and how you've developed this incredible range?

Thank you so much!! Well I developed my own sound over time to a point where it has just become a natural part of my vocal ability. At a very young age I had a big voice, I had some training but growing up in low income home, my teachers was the same greats I've had comparisons to. While other children was out playing, I was practicing my vocal technique for hours every day. I think as a whole, it's always been a layer underlying waiting to be discovered. And from a very age I have also never believed in being complacent either, as a vocalist and a songwriter I always want to use my voice and songwriting to the best of my abilities.

3. "In These Eyes" tells a beautiful love story. How much of this narrative is drawn from your personal experiences, particularly your relationship with your husband and musical collaborator, Rynellton?

The similarities at first was just by chance musically. For me the song come about after I had just completed watching a documentary about Queen Cleopatra. She was burdened with the weight of the world at a tender age, yet she maintained such poise and strength. She later fell in love with her Roman long-distance love. Which come with its own complications. For myself, I personally left home at a very young age while I was still a teenager, I have endured abuse, and was forced to learn how to survive quickly. In addition, my health presents numerous obstacles and setbacks for me. With minimal to no assistance, I learned to fend for myself and be my own fortitude. I have worked relentlessly to make my dreams a reality. I, too, fell in love with my long distance love, now Husband, Rynellton aka Garry D Hairston, after years of estrangement being oceans apart. It's been challenging. But what kept me holding on is his love, and I considered what he always says about why he fell so deeply for me. He mentioned that my green-blues captivated him from the start. And when he looks at me, he sees the depth, affection, and strength of my heart and soul. So, I ultimately wrote a song about my relationship and how he sees me, in a romantic yet sexy fun flirtatious way, and was also inspired by Queen Cleopatra and her story. This of course got me taking things a step further, by adding Egyptian style makeup and look for my photos, all of which I done myself.

4. The use of Arabic-style riffs adds an exotic touch to the song. What inspired you to incorporate these elements, and can we expect more of this cultural blending in your upcoming album, "Free-Spirited"?

Garry and I bring out the best in one another, and there was something about his musical arrangement that opened up a vision and direction in my mind. We went back and forth on a few things and it was very magical. Without giving to much away!! lol... I can say that we will most definitely be blending a lot of new sound's from me in my album.

5. Your lyrics and melodies hold an emotive, storytelling quality. What is your process when it comes to songwriting, and how do you approach the challenge of conveying such strong emotions through music?

Thank you so much!! My creative mind is always turned on, and sometimes the most crazy things like a dryer spinning clothes that makes a rhythmic sound spontaneously because of an item of clothing or something banging against the door! lol... Can get my creative juices going. I'm that type of songwriter who will dream of a song idea and wake up at 3:am and start working on it. Storytelling is what I do best and I always have been able to be one with my songs. I write my own lyrics, develop my own arrangements, and melodies so in that case I am drawing from within what's deep inside of me.

6. Your music shows your resilience and determination in the face of personal challenges. How do these experiences influence your artistry and your music?

Challenges have been a part of my life from day one. In time you learn to adapt and overcome eventually. When you don't give up because of circumstances, you aren't allowing obstacles to control your life. You take back the power, and this makes you stronger. So I make sure to push the narrative of this in my music in the hope it will help other's to believe they can do anything they put their mind to, and they can overcome anything by keeping the faith, having hope, and keeping love in their heart.

7. "In These Eyes" is part of your upcoming album "Free-Spirited." Can you give us a glimpse of what fans can expect from the new album? Will it explore similar themes and genre blends as "In These Eyes"?

Well what I will say without giving everything away! lol... is that, I think my fans will be surprised and pleasantly surprised I hope. I and my team hope to push the boundaries, and try and discover new things for me. It's all about growth and vision. I want to take you all on a wonderful musical journey with me with this next album and many more for years to come.

8. Given the comparisons to legendary artists, how do you maintain your unique sound while also drawing inspiration from these influences?

It's a wonderful honour to be put in the same category as these iconic artists, who have all served as mentors to me in one way or other. Still, they are who they are. I can't, and wouldn't ever want to be anyone but myself. That way, I won't have to worry about measuring up to the past, the present, or the future. I just have to be the most developed version of my unique self as a singer-songwriter.

9. You've been dubbed as the "British Songbird" and "Lyrical Genius". How do these nicknames resonate with you and your music?

I am profoundly moved by it; it warms my heart. My husband usually has to read the articles about myself to me because I get so emotional, especially now that I'm receiving such wonderful support from my own country. All these descriptions given to me. In those few moments when my music comes straight from my heart, that's the highest amount of compliments I could receive. I'm so grateful.

10. Finally, what message do you want your listeners to take away from "In These Eyes", and how does it set the stage for the upcoming chapters in your musical journey?

In These Eye's is an exuberant love story with a sensual, flirtatious flow and a throwback subject of love at first sight. For now, I'll just say that my team and I are capable of surprising you at every turn, expect the unexpected and the full blossoming of my team's creativity.




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