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SUN WAVE MOUNTAIN CAVE upcoming album, "Familiar To Me"

Review by Wolf Georgia - MUSIC FARMER 5

From Frozen Lakes to Fiery Tunes: Sun Wave Mountain Cave's 'Familiar To Me'

On May 20th, SUN WAVE MOUNTAIN CAVE (SWMC) is set to release their latest EP, "Familiar To Me," a rich and captivating testament to the band's Midwestern roots and their ability to navigate different styles within the alternative rock genre. Hailing from the frozen lakes of Minneapolis, this four-piece alt-rock group showcases their versatility and genuine connection to their hometown throughout the EP.

The opening track, "25," captivates the listener with a beautiful guitar arpeggiation and epic folksy vocals reminiscent of Mumford & Sons and The Lumineers. SWMC manages to make the music feel intimate yet powerful, with the haunting vocal line, "Who of us have really grown at all?" echoing Blink 182's "What's My Age Again?" Gorgeous harmonies punctuate the track, showcasing the band's tight and well-honed vocal arrangements.

"The Good Old Days" takes the listener on a nostalgic journey with its gritty, driving guitar intro and head-bobbing drum/bass pattern. The funky bass guitar adds a playful touch, and the vocals, reminiscent of Barenaked Ladies, are elevated by fun pop harmonies. The track is peppered with a subtle hint of Vampire Weekend, further demonstrating SWMC's ability to blend different influences seamlessly.


On May 20th, SUN WAVE MOUNTAIN CAVE is set to release their EP, "Familiar To Me,

Then there's "Bones", which takes a turn with its alt-emo underpinnings and epic jam sections that evoke the feeling of bones shaking. Massive guitar solos and powerful drums dominate the soundscape, leading into a bridge where the band breaks it down with group vocal crescendos. The song culminates in a nasty overdriven guitar hit, sending sparks flying through the listener's imagination.

SWMC's Midwestern roots are on full display throughout "Familiar To Me." The band's members – Linus Kangas, Dave Abbott, Bryan Fate, and Andy Brace – have known each other for over 15 years, and their shared history is palpable in the collaborative storytelling and tight musicianship on this EP. Their ability to draw from the diverse influences of the Minneapolis music scene, from the dance-all-night sound of Hockey Night and Free Energy to the introspective singer-songwriter stylings of Mason Jennings, is both impressive and refreshing.

Whether it's the percussive catharsis of "Bones" inspired by The Replacements and Hüsker Dü or the rich harmonies reminiscent of The Jayhawks on "25", Sun Wave Mountain Cave is a proud addition to the vibrant tapestry of the Minneapolis music scene. With "Familiar To Me," SWMC delivers a homegrown musical gem that is not to be missed.


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