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SMITH - "Run"

MUSIC FARMER 5 - Review by Adam Jones

Dancing in the Dark Amidst a Symphony of Shadows

In the dynamic world of alternative pop, SMITH has firmly established herself as an icon - crafting bold adventurous soundscapes that captivate and enchant. Her latest masterpiece, "Run," emerges as a striking example of her ingenuity; perfectly timed for Halloween, it showcases the depth and allure that have become hallmarks of her style, solidifying her status as a pivotal figure in the genre.

The opening of SMITH's "Run" immediately mesmerizes with a vibrant 80s drum-n-bass beat that commands attention, setting the stage for an auditory experience that is both reflective of yesteryear and undeniably current. The introduction of a light, airy synth (reminiscent of Quincy Jones' work with the legendary Michael Jackson) creates a melodic ambiance that is irresistibly engaging. This perfect harmony between the synth and rhythm cultivates an atmosphere that is both ethereal and compelling, an ideal setting for SMITH's captivating vocal performance.

SMITH's vocals in "Run" are truly enthralling, marked by a psychedelic flair and a rhythmic quality that instinctively incites a nodding motion in tune with the music. The song's minimalist approach amplifies the impact of her voice, allowing it to resonate powerfully against the backdrop of the bass's deep grooves. This simplicity does not diminish the song's impact; instead, it magnifies the emotional resonance and lyrical clarity.

The chorus of "Run" showcases SMITH at her best, delivering lines that are haunting and irresistibly catchy. The lyrics, "You better run run run as fast you can, don’t look back don’t wanna take a chance, no. Hide hide hide as fast as you can, if I catch you I’ll have blood on my hands, no, whoa," linger with an eerie beauty, perfectly in sync with the song's musical flow and leaving a lasting impression on the listener.

SMITH's prowess is on full display in "Run," reflecting her status as a Grammy-nominated multi-talented artist. Following a year marked by significant achievements, including viral success and critical acclaim, SMITH continues to break new ground and set records. Her unique ability to transcend genre boundaries, from Top 40 to Alternative Radio, underscores her vast talent and broad appeal. With "Run," SMITH not only delivers another hit but also reaffirms her role as a pioneering force in the industry.


SMITH's vocals in "Run" are truly enthralling, marked by a psychedelic flair and a rhythmic quality that instinctively incites a nodding motion in tune with the music.


The promotional strategy for "Run" is as innovative and exciting as the track itself, highlighted by appearances on American Top 40 with Ryan Seacrest and an eagerly awaited music video. As SMITH prepares for a solo tour in the USA and continues to ascend charts and streaming platforms, her influence is unmistakably profound. The track's metrics, from radio plays to digital streams and social media engagement, reflect a growing audience entranced by SMITH's musical genius.

While comparisons to artists like Snail Mail, Phoebe Bridgers, and Soccer Mommy are natural, SMITH carves her distinct path. Her music resonates with fans of these artists while challenging the conventions of alternative pop. "Run" is a showcase of SMITH's inventive spirit and artistic flair, offering listeners a hauntingly exquisite experience that endures well beyond the final note.

SMITH's "Run" is a masterclass in blending nostalgia with cutting-edge creativity, delivering a hauntingly beautiful sonic experience. It not only highlights SMITH's remarkable talent but also her deep connection with her audience. As she continues to make her mark in the music world, it is clear: SMITH is not just participating in the musical landscape; she is shaping its very future.

Check out "Run" by SMITH below!👇


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