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SirenBlue - "Obsolete"

MUSIC FARMER 5 - Review by Adam Jones

A Musical Manifesto for the Modern Era

In the vibrant tableau of modern indie rock, SirenBlue emerges once again with a stunning creation, "Obsolete." This track transcends mere musical composition, evolving into a captivating journey that ensnares the listener in a wave of sound and heartfelt emotion, encapsulating the essence of what makes SirenBlue's music profoundly impactful.

From the very beginning, SirenBlue's "Obsolete" mesmerizes with a compelling fusion of guitar and drums, laying down a foundation for an auditory voyage that is both exhilarating and profoundly moving. The resemblance to the rock titans The Flaming Lips is unmistakable, yet SirenBlue injects a fresh vitality that is entirely their own. The vocals soar with an enchanting and uplifting vigor, evoking a sense of wonder and nostalgia, yet brimming with a novelty that recalls the cherished sounds of the 1990s and pushes into new realms of musical exploration.

The accompanying music video for SirenBlue's “Obsolete” is a visual marvel, reflecting the song's narrative of technological evolution and the intricate dance between progress and the essence of human connection. It serves as a striking visual narrative to the song’s exploration of the complexities of living in a digital era, masterfully capturing the struggle to maintain authentic connections amidst the noise of the digital age.

Musically, SirenBlue's "Obsolete" unfolds with moments of grandeur, where epic guitar solos meld with the majesty of strings, creating an experience of awe and grandiosity. These musical interludes are not merely breaks in the song but profound statements of artistic expression, showcasing SirenBlue's exceptional talent in blending rock sensibilities with orchestral grandeur.


The resemblance to the rock titans The Flaming Lips is unmistakable, yet SirenBlue injects a fresh vitality that is entirely their own.


As the vanguard of their upcoming album "Hit Like and Carry On," the "Obsolete" promises a journey through the multifaceted experiences of life, society, and the nuanced dance of human interaction in the shadow of digital omnipresence. With Steve Evans bringing his expertise to the co-producer’s role, the album stands on the brink of defining a significant chapter in SirenBlue’s journey, echoing the pop-rock essence of legendary acts like Blondie and No Doubt, while imbuing it with the band’s unique perspective on contemporary life.

SirenBlue, comprised of Neil David, Collette Horne, Jay Turner, Rich Lucas, and Karl Manner, is on the cusp of a new epoch. From their initial steps in the 2000s to their renaissance in the wake of COVID, the band has navigated through changes while maintaining the integrity of their musical vision. "Obsolete" and its parent album "Hit Like and Carry On" reflect their evolution, their maturity, and their passionate commitment to crafting music that resonates, challenges, and connects.

In an era where digital interactions often overshadow genuine human contact, "Obsolete" emerges as a compelling call to rediscover the essence of true connection. It is a track that transcends mere entertainment; it is a work that inspires, engages, and unites. Through this, SirenBlue not only heralds their triumphant return but also reaffirms their enduring relevance in a world yearning for the depth and sincerity of their musical message.

Check out "Obsolete" by SirenBlue below!👇


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