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Shereef Herbal - "(Her) Vol.1"

MUSIC FARMER 5 - Review by Adam Jones

The Soundtrack of L.A.'s Soul

In the ever-evolving realm of R&B and urban pop, few manage to strike that delicate balance between tradition and experimentation. But with "Her Vol.1," SHEREEF HERBAL not only strikes it; he dances on it, effortlessly gliding through soundscapes that push the envelope while paying homage to the genre's rich legacy.

**“Meta-Physically”**: We're introduced to the sonic odyssey with the strumming of an enticing acoustic guitar line, immediately reminiscent of a serenade in a dusky sunset-lit alley. But what follows next is pure magic - the sweeping, effected vocals of SHEREEF HERBAL evoke shades of Usher's passion and Jamie Foxx's soulful depth. This track is a masterclass in marrying contrasts: the juxtaposition of a raw acoustic foundation with digitalized 8-bit percussive elements and auto-tuned vocals.

**“Bout Chu”**: Atmospheric e-pianos paired with tantalizing guitars set the mood right off the bat. The song then veers into an anthemic chorus with the lead singing, "It’s something about you," capturing the allure of an enigmatic presence, probably of a mesmerizing woman. The underlying moody percussion feels tailor-made for those intimate, dimly-lit nightclub settings. Every beat, every note seems to draw the listener deeper into the mystery, inviting them to solve it on the dance floor.

**“Special”**: This is where Shereef Herbal's West Coast hip-hop influences shine. Kicking off with a soul-soothing piano line, the track smoothly transitions into a modern hip-hop groove that'll make even the most reserved of listeners nod their heads in agreement. The cherry on top? The audacious glitched-out drum sequence towards the end, a testament to Shereef’s penchant for experimentation.


The sweeping, effected vocals of SHEREEF HERBAL evoke shades of Usher's passion and Jamie Foxx's soulful depth.


"Her Vol.1" isn't just another EP; it's a journey. Whether you're prepping for a night out, lost in your thoughts on a drive, or stepping into a party, SHEREEF HERBAL ensures he's right there with you, serenading at every single turn.

Hailing from the vibrant tapestry of Los Angeles, SHEREEF HERBAL proves to be a force to reckon with. While his roots trace back to the gritty passion of West Coast hip-hop, his artistry transcends boundaries, offering respect to every facet of the music industry. Fresh, inventive, yet familiar - "Her Vol.1" encapsulates the essence of SHEREEF HERBAL. In a world of fleeting hits, this feels like an album destined to leave a lasting mark.

Check out "HER. Vol.1" by SHEREEF HERBAL below!👇

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