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SHAID - "Goce"

MUSIC FARMER 5 - Review by Adam Jones

From Epic Heights to Intimate Depths: A Sonic Seduction Uncovered

Today we had the pleasure of reviewing musician SHAID with his latest creation, “Goce”. This track is nothing short of a musical revelation, intertwining elements of grandiosity and intimate allure, creating a sonic landscape that is as captivating as it is unique. With a surprising blend of epic violins, groovy Latin-inspired piano, and SHAID’s powerful vocals, “Goce” showcases the artist’s incredible range and profound musical abilities. It’s a song that transcends genre, offering a refreshing and thrilling experience for listeners around the globe.

From the very first strains of the violin, SHAID’s "Goce" grabs hold of the listener's imagination, promising an epic auditory journey that truly delivers. The violin climbs, with an ethereal grace, creating an atmosphere that’s both grand and intimate, drawing you into SHAID’s world with a magnetic pull.

Just when you think you’ve settled into the rhythm, a groovy Latin-inspired jazz piano makes its entrance, adding a layer of complexity and rhythm that turns the song on its head. The juxtaposition of the piano's vivacity against the violin's soaring melancholy creates a rich tapestry of sound, showcasing SHAID’s ability to blend genres with effortless finesse.

Then comes SHAID's moment in the spotlight - his vocals, epic in their own right, bring a depth of emotion and power to the track, floating above the relentless beat of the drill drums. The drums themselves are a force to be reckoned with, intense and commanding, yet they leave just enough space for SHAID’s voice and the violins to breathe, creating a balance that’s nothing short of captivating.

As the chorus hits, SHAID’s vocals ascend to a higher octave, adding an element of raw intensity that is impossible to ignore. It's a moment that sucks you in, enveloping you in the sheer force of SHAID’s musical prowess.

Meanwhile, the violins continue to weave their magic in the background, creating a stunning contrast that enhances the track's complexity and allure. The song becomes a dance of light and shadow, intensity and grace, all led by SHAID’s commanding presence.

And then, in a masterful stroke of artistry, the song ends with the piano once again taking center stage, this time alone, dancing gracefully into the cosmos. It's a moment of pure magic, leaving the listener floating in a sea of sound, utterly captivated and eager for more.

SHAID’s journey, from the heart of Puerto Rico to the bustling streets of Philadelphia, is reflected in every twist & turn throughout "Goce." His story of resilience, of finding his way back to his roots and his family, is woven into the fabric of the song, creating a piece of music that is as personal as it is universal.

His debut single, "2blones," hinted at the depth of his talent and his ability to merge musical styles with emotional depth. But with "Goce," SHAID has truly outdone himself, delivering a track that is not just a song, but an experience, a piece of art that demands to be felt, not just heard.

"Goce" is indeed a powerful melodic drill infused with alluring R&B undertones which seduce and captivate. SHAID has crafted a song that is a celebration of his roots, his journey, and his undeniable talent. And as the final notes fade away, one thing is abundantly clear: this is an artist who has only just begun to show the world what he is capable of.

Check out SHAID on Spotify, and be on the lookout

for the release of "Goce" starting November 22, 2023!👇


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