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RUBY ROSE FOX set to release new epic, "A Carpetbagger's Ode To Rocky"

MUSIC FARMER 5 - Review by Wolf Georgia

Singing for the Unsung: RUBY ROSE FOX's Anthem of Hope and Resilience

The visceral power of music is no clearer than in Ruby Rose Fox's gripping epic, "A Carpetbagger’s Ode To Rocky." A potent blend of folk, indie, and rock that dances tantalizingly on the precipice of cinema and reality.

Opening with an entrancing distant vocal chant, the song instantly envelops the listener in its harmonic enigma. It's a world far removed, yet eerily familiar. A bass line, as profound as the foundations of the Earth, beckons. Soon, the ethereal vocals seep in, reminiscent of the ethereal cadence of Imogen Heap, weaving a tapestry of sounds that transport the listener into the depths of Fox’s soul. The chorus strikes with a ferocity akin to Adele’s power and the raw, unfiltered passion of Brandi Carlile. “Tennessee - I thought you’d be, home to someone like me” – the heavy weight of these words punctuates the deep connection between longing and reality.

Throughout, there is an underpinning of edginess, the persistent toll of a church bell, juxtaposed against an indie-folk drumbeat and the soulful murmur of an organ. It's not just a song; it's an experience - one that resonates with the grit, determination, and audacity of its creator. The resounding a’capella ending, “Tennessee will never be home to someone like me, swallow me rocky, Rocky won’t you swallow me” is not merely a finale, but a punctual showcase of Fox's journey and the countless others who feel displaced, in search of belonging.

Originating from a haunting memory on a Christmas Eve in rural Alabama and taking shape against the socio-political backdrop of a changing nation, "A Carpetbagger’s Ode To Rocky" is more than just a musical composition. It's a narrative of challenge, resistance, and resilience. Fox, alongside her producer Colin Sipos, crafts an anthem that challenges not only the status quo but the very fabric of personal identity and the fight for one's place in the world.

Producer Colin Sipos's touch transforms the haunting legacy of "Rocky Top" into a masterpiece of evocative storytelling. Ruby’s narrative, akin to the biblical Jonah, reminds us of humanity’s timeless battle with adversity. Through every trial and tribulation, the indomitable spirit emerges – bruised but unbeaten, ever resilient.

From the haunting cover photography by Anna Haas to the meticulous production details, every aspect of "A Carpetbagger’s Ode To Rocky" screams of meticulous craft and dedication. Ruby Rose Fox, through her unique voice and storytelling prowess, beckons us to not just listen, but to feel, reflect, and ultimately, to emerge from the depths with newfound strength and purpose.

This isn't just a song; it's an odyssey. One that promises to linger long after the last note fades, carving its mark on the annals of musical history. Destined for greatness, Ruby Rose Fox's "A Carpetbagger’s Ode To Rocky" is a masterclass in emotion, artistry, and rebellion. A must-listen for all who dare to challenge the status quo and find their voice in the cacophony.


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