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Relentless Pursuit - "Upward We March"

MUSIC FARMER 5 - Review by Adam Jones

Metal Elevated: Ascending New Heights

Straight out of Somerset, Kentucky emerges an artist crafting a sonic tapestry of emotional anguish, hope, and redemption. Matthew Konradt, the sole driving force behind RELENTLESS PURSUIT, delivers an auditory journey like no other with his sophomore album, "Upward We March". It’s a musical plea for divine intervention in a world filled with despair and sorrow - simultaneously intimate and expansive. It's also a shining example of human resilience amidst the chaos of this world.

The album commences with "Prelude", an elegant cinematic piano ballad that grows in intensity, transitioning seamlessly from an earthly terrain to a celestial horizon. This initial taste is but a glimpse of what's to come; a premonition of an odyssey brimming with juxtapositions.

Following "Prelude" is the heart-pounding "Weary", a manifestation of the turbulence that gnaws at the soul. Growling vocals clash against an aggressive rhythm section - guitars roaring and drums thundering, echoing the turmoil of existence. Amidst this maelstrom, the dueling guitar solos are not to be missed, serving as a poignant reflection of life's adversities.

"The One" showcases Relentless Pursuit's versatility, juxtaposing brutal instrumentation with ethereal vocal harmonies. With breakdowns capable of leveling mountains and lyrics hinting at divine salvation, this track is an unmissable gem.

"Wildfire" is a breathtaking fusion of synth-pop and heavy metal, elevated by a vocal performance reminiscent of icons like Bono and Sting.

But if I were to pick the crown jewel of this album, "To Persevere" would stand tall. The raw emotion, palpable anguish, and unyielding hope seep through every note, particularly in the evocative lyric, "I'm just a shell of a man." The musical breaks encapsulate the tumultuous terrain of a soul at war, shocking the listener throughout. With this song, Relentless Pursuit has created a sonic journey that is dynamic, captivating, catchy, and unafraid to experiment.


Matthew Konradt, the sole driving force behind RELENTLESS PURSUIT, delivers an auditory journey like no other with his sophomore album, "Upward We March".

Closing the album is "Conclusion", a serene instrumental culmination of the turbulent voyage. Its introspective melodies reminiscent of an epic film's end credits, inviting listeners to reflect on the odyssey they just embarked upon.

Through "Upward We March", Matthew Konradt wears his heart on his sleeve, revealing a vulnerable yet valiant spirit. The album emanates hope amidst a world filled with despair. Its duality - addressing both personal relations and the divine - allows listeners to craft their own interpretations, making it a universally relatable musical masterpiece.

In a sea of bland commercialized music, Relentless Pursuit remains a beacon of genuine passion. With a third album on the horizon, there’s so much to be excited about! Matthew Konradt isn’t in this for the spotlight; he's in it for the art - and that is what makes "Upward We March" by RELENTLESS PURSUIT a timeless triumph.

Check out "Upward We March" by RELENTLESS PURSUIT below!👇


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