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Part Bat “Okay"

Review by Adam Jones - MUSIC FARMER 5

Indie folk pop band is more than "okay" - they are groovy, spectacular & fantastic!

Today I had the privilege of reviewing "OKAY" by PART BAT - the brainchild of British songwriter Hannah Maryse Robinson. PART BAT blends the aspects of indie-folk-pop with their self-described "anti-folk sensibilities", creating an invigorating sound that's extremely fun and ALSO has layers of dynamic contrast.

Okay begins with a catchy drumbeat and groovy bass/guitar riff that gives off Vampire Weekend vibes. The vocals provided by Hannah Robinson are catchy-but-in-a-cool-way, with crystal clear tone. The vocals are produced perfectly for this track - wielding one of my favorite techniques of vocal layering (*as made famous by The Beatles and The Beach Boys) - which add another retro & endearing quality to this anti-folk-funk-rock masterpiece.

Part Bat is creative & fun - funky & fantastic - groovy & soulful - folksy & rock'n'roll! If you haven't heard Part Bat yet - you need to!!! Check out their single "OKAY" at the links below! 👇

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