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Omer B - "Groovy Stairs"

Review by Adam Jones - MUSIC FARMER 5

Ascending to New Heights in Jazz Fusion

Groovy Stairs, the latest release from the prolific jazz guitarist OMER B, is nothing short of a celestial experience. This feel-good, inspirational instrumental jazz track showcases the incredible talents of not only Omer B, but also an ensemble of amazing players. With its groovy drums, upbeat keyboard, soaring guitar hook, and heavenly trumpet solo, Groovy Stairs will undoubtedly find its place among the classics of jazz fusion.

Omer B, known for his eclectic musical background that spans Rock, Pop, Blues, Gospel, Funk, and Jazz, has truly outdone himself with this collaboration. The ensemble of musicians includes piano virtuoso Lorena Patricia Ramirez Ruiz, horn maestro Denise Cianfagna, rhythmic powerhouse Andrea Ciaccio on drums, bass sensation Marvin Masok, and the enchanting Adi B on flute. Together, they create a sound that is both nostalgic yet refreshingly innovative.

The track opens with the dynamic duo of Andrea Ciaccio's groovy drums and Lorena Patricia Ramirez Ruiz's upbeat keyboard, immediately setting the stage for a captivating musical journey. Omer B's main guitar hook enters, echoing the melodic sensibilities of groups like the Pat Metheny Group and the John Mayer Trio. His deft touch on the guitar sends listeners on an emotional rollercoaster, effortlessly weaving between intricate melodies and cascading harmonies.



But Groovy Stairs is more than just a showcase of Omer B's guitar prowess. Halfway through the song, Denise Cianfagna delivers an awe-inspiring trumpet solo that transports listeners to the heavens. Her rich, warm tone melds seamlessly with the rest of the ensemble, adding another layer of depth to an already complex sonic tapestry.

Marvin Masok's basslines provide the perfect foundation for the track, grounding the music with a solid groove while also dancing around tastefully around the higher frets - a feat not easily achieved by most bass players. Adi B's enchanting flute lines interweave with the other instruments, adding a touch of ethereal charm that elevates the composition to new heights.

In Groovy Stairs, Omer B and his talented collaborators have crafted an irresistible jazz fusion experience that is sure to captivate listeners of all backgrounds. The song is a testament to Omer B's ability to bring together a diverse group of musicians and create something truly extraordinary. With its infectious grooves, inspiring melodies, and transcendent solos, Groovy Stairs is a must-listen for jazz enthusiasts and casual music lovers alike.


Check out "Groovy Stairs" by Omer B below!👇


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