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Mo'Unqiue set to release NEW SINGLE "If I" (ft. Destini)

Feature by Adam Jones - MUSIC FARMER 5

Houston, TX - R&B artist Mo’Unique, joined by Destini, is set to release a new single titled "If I". This song promises to be a shining relatable piece of art, striking chords with listeners by asking the hard questions many shy away from in relationships.

A Tampa native now residing in Houston, Mo'Unique finds her music deeply influenced by her surroundings. Coupled with her admiration for trailblazing figures such as Queen Latifah and Viola Davis, her work radiates resilience, empowerment, and determination. She channels these traits into her music, adding a depth of authenticity and relatability that sets her apart.

"If I" promises to not be your typical pop/R&B song. It's a piece of art addressing the painful aspects of relationships, serving as a beacon of solace for those who didn't receive the closure they sought or find themselves entangled in toxic relationships. While it is set to resonate deeply with women, its themes are universal, making it an anthem for anyone grappling with these challenges.


A Tampa native now residing in Houston, Mo'Unique finds her music deeply influenced by her surroundings.


With her creative process not confined to any specific time or place, Mo'Unique draws inspiration from life's trials. Breakups, arguments, or even a walk down the road - all of these spark the fire of creativity for her, transforming personal experiences into relatable music.

Given her unique style and creative tenacity, it comes as no surprise that she aspires to collaborate with talents like Ariana Grande. The powerhouse vocalist aligns with Mo'Unique's strong, emotive style, promising an exciting future for her fans.

As we eagerly await the release of "If I," it is evident that this song will be more than just a tune - it's projected to be a narrative, a work of art, and a glimpse into the next generation of music.

Stay tuned for the release of "If I" and prepare to experience the stirring blend of pop and R&B through the soulful voices of Mo'Unique and Destini.

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