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MIRANDA WRITES - "Taylor Swift" (Afro-Knock Remix The 6Ix Million Dollar Soul Brotha)

Review by Adam Jones - MUSIC FARMER 5

"Miranda Writes" delivers a powerhouse remix, cementing her place in music royalty

Ever-evolving and unapologetic, Miranda Writes has pushed the boundaries of her sound with her newest, soon-to-be-released single, "Taylor Swift (Afro-Knock Remix The 6Ix Million Dollar Soul Brotha)." Created with industry veteran DJ King James, this remix takes her slick, gritty, cool, and danceable original "Taylor Swift" single to new heights - blending futuristic and organic elements to create a captivating Afro-pop masterpiece.

At the heart of this remix is the seamless integration of futuristic synthesizers & retro drum machines. This bold combination brings an entirely new dimension to Miranda Writes' voice, which shines with extra soulfulness against this unique backdrop. It feels both rooted in tradition, but also a daring leap into the future.



Miranda Writes' lyrics are a powerful ode to women empowerment, drawing inspiration from Taylor Swift's unapologetic ownership of her brand and business. The song's catchy, anthemic chorus highlights the artist's prowess as an emcee, echoing her own work with the world-famous Harlem Globetrotters.

The lyrics boast of independence and the unwavering confidence to "get what you want." With her music, Miranda Writes empowers listeners to take control of their lives and embrace their own inner Empress.

With nine years in the industry under her belt, Miranda Writes shows no signs of slowing down. Miranda Writes' remix, "Taylor Swift (Afro-Knock Remix The 6Ix Million Dollar Soul Brotha)" is a testament to her limitless potential and creativity. Look out for Miranda Writes - she's taking THE WORLD BY STORM!

Check out the original version of

"Taylor Swift" by Miranda Writes below!👇

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Remix available on all platforms April 19, 2023


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