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MATT THOMPSON - "Accelerate"

Review by Wolf Georgia - MUSIC FARMER 5

A sonic adventure through an epic pop soundscape

Three years in the making, "Accelerate" by Matt Thompson is a sonic triumph that showcases the American pop singer-songwriter's penchant for blending traditional and contemporary influences into a fresh, melodic, and soul-fueled sound. As Thompson's sophomore album, "Accelerate" is an exciting and exhilarating journey through uptempo, lyrically cutting, and intense tracks that are both familiar and innovative.

The opening track, "Devil's Dance," sets the tone for the album with its deep acoustic guitar hook and eerie atmospheric build. Matt Thompson's vocals weave an intimate tale, while the epic pre-chorus crescendos into a mesmerizing chorus. The music is undeniably sexy, with a deep 808 pattern, big synths, and a lyrical hook that is impossible to forget: "We never called it a romance, We did the devil's dance." The cinematic bridge could easily serve as an epic theme for a TV show, drawing listeners into its magnetic soundscape.

Then there is "Mean to Me", which begins with a bold synth bell pattern that gives way to a groovy hip-hop beat. The song exudes swagger and is perfect for turning up the volume in the club. Matt Thompson's ability to shift seamlessly between different styles is a testament to his artistic versatility.

The album's title track, "Accelerate," starts with an epic delay guitar hook and a chord progression that evokes a sense of inspiration. The Timbaland-style drumbeat and dynamic, bright vocals from Thompson make this track truly stand out. The exciting chorus, with its EDM-style backing, complements the deep hip-hop beats and cool vocal effects. At the 2:25 mark, Matt Thompson showcases his impressive vocal range, soaring to the upper tiers of his voice's register. "Accelerate" is a surefire hit.

Matt Thompson's album Accelerate is bound to become a timeless classic!


Throughout "Accelerate," Matt Thompson demonstrates a remarkable ability to create a fusion of synthy alt-pop sounds that resonate with listeners. The album's melodic, soul-fueled mix and masterful blending of traditional and contemporary influences make for an unforgettable listening experience. Fans and critics alike will find themselves captivated by the intense, lyrically cutting, and epic pop landscape that Thompson has crafted. "Accelerate" is a testament to the time, effort, and passion that Matt Thompson poured into this project, and it is a sonic adventure that should not be missed.

Check out the track

"Devil's Dance" by Matt Thompson below!👇


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