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MARIAMI - "Foglights"

MUSIC FARMER 5 - Review by Wolf Georgia

Through the Haze and Into the Heart

In the twilight world of musical sensations, MARIAMI emerges as a luminous beacon with her ethereal track, “Foglights.” Think of the hauntingly magnetic presence of Dua Lipa entwined with the enigmatic allure of Lana Del Rey, and you might just grasp the essence of MARIAMI’s velvety voice. It’s an entrancing anthem, both warm and cool, like a misty breeze on a summer evening.

From the first note, “Foglights” weaves an all-encompassing blanket of sound around the listener, the deep synth pulling you into a fog-draped landscape. The indie rock drums, both dry and potent, mirror a pulsating heart, beating wildly in a dimly lit, spellbound night club. It’s a sensory masterpiece, painting shadows and dreams with sound.

Lyrically, MARIAMI guides us through winding roads of nocturnal adventures and secrets whispered in the dark. “He took me far from home,” she unveils, her voice a sultry thread stitching together a narrative rich in intrigue and intoxicating desire. As she intones “Right then it got crazy,” the world seems to pause, suspended in the mystical aura she conjures.


Photo Credit: Clark Shoji Miyamoto

MARIAMI’s illustrious background, a tapestry of Georgian soul, modern pop, and the rebellious rhythm of LA and NYC nightlife, shines brilliantly in this track. “Foglights” is an opus that bridges worlds, intertwining ancient melodies with the soul's raw, unbridled emotion, giving birth to a transcendent Indo-Pop symphony.

Her meteoric rise, heralded by previous release like “Finally” and “Justice Now,” speaks to her innovative nature - but “Foglights” feels like a revelation. It’s a celestial dance of authenticity and audacity, a song that wraps itself around your very soul, demanding to be felt and not just heard.

Foglights” is not just a song; it's a journey, a dream, a lingering echo of a night filled with secrets and promises. In a world overflowing with fleeting moments and ephemeral tunes, MARIAMI gifts us with timeless beauty, reminding us of music's power to enchant, mesmerize, and transport. Every listen feels like the first, each note a drop of dew, shimmering under the early morning sun—a work of art in its purest form.

Check out "Foglights" by MARIAMI below!👇


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