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Margarita Mantis - "Between the Devil and His Deep Blue Sea"

Review by Adam Jones - MUSIC FARMER 5

A Tidal Wave of Emotion and Energy

Margarita Mantis enters MUSIC FARMER 5, COMMANDING the art rock arena in a triumphant fashion with the single “Between the Devil and His Deep Blue Sea.” This stirring opus initiates Mantis' EP "Ocean of Life," with an epic arrangement that's as expansive and engaging as the sea itself.

The song opens with a beautifully evocative classical guitar line (augmented by what sounds like a ukulele), further complemented by cymbals that add a playful yet purposeful energy to the track. The magic happens when Margarita Mantis' voice sails into the scene, threading through the music like a golden gust of wind. The vocals are a blend of serenity and power, carrying a Joan Jett-like robustness that resonates well with the track's edgy, grunge-tinged sonics.

Her lyrical prowess shines throughout the piece, particularly with lines such as "Sunshine there is too high, won’t take her light and flee! And I’ll find comfort in the unknown, and the thought of being all alone." These words aren't simply sung; they are given life by Margarita Mantis' emotive vocal delivery and the distinctive drive of the accompanying instruments.

The song swells into a chorus that hits you with the force of a tidal wave, increasing the already powerful energy with each repetition. All the while, the composition retains a strong alt-pop-rock sensibility that could draw listeners from My Chemical Romance or Arcade Fire's fan base.

When it comes to production, the track is awash with gritty yet polished aesthetics that pay homage to the '90s grunge era while also incorporating contemporary production elements. The music ebbs and flows, eventually fading out to the plucky melody of a ukulele, powerful drum fill, and the soothing sounds of the ocean. This unique ending encapsulates the entire narrative of the song, echoing its lyrical themes of solitude and bravery.


The magic happens when Margarita Mantis' voice sails into the scene, threading through the music like a golden gust of wind.

Margarita Mantis has successfully managed to create a song that is not only musically compelling but also rich in storytelling. The artist explains that "Between the Devil and His Deep Blue Sea" is about taking risks and bettering oneself, a message that is strongly reflected in her bold musical choices and authentic lyrical content.

This track shows Mantis is indeed a daring songwriter; her music bearing the markings of a mature and highly self-aware artist despite her relatively recent venture into the scene. Her multi-instrumental skills and hands-on approach to her craft are evident in the finely-crafted layers of the song, proving that she is not just a singer, but a true musician.

Margarita Mantis' "Between the Devil and His Deep Blue Sea" is a rewarding musical journey that captures the spirit of risk and self-discovery, embodied in the haunting beauty of its melody and the bold honesty of its lyrics. Listeners will undoubtedly be keen to dive deeper into Mantis' "Ocean of Life," and follow her promising career as she continues to navigate her unique course through the music world.

Check out "Between the Devil and His Deep Blue Sea"

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