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Marco Angelo • The Hooded Guitarist presents "Cha-la Head-Cha-la (Dragonball Z Theme)"

MUSIC FARMER 5 - Review by Adam Jones

The 'Super Saiyan' of Rock

In the electrifying universe of rock there emerges a silhouette, cloaked in enigma and mystery. MARCO ANGELO, the prodigious virtuoso from Vicenza, famously known as "The Hooded Guitarist", has ignited the iconic “Dragonball Z” theme, ""Cha-la Head-Cha-la," transforming it into a meteoric burst of sound that commands the heavens.

From the very beginning the atmosphere is charged with an undeniable energy: this isn't just a tribute, it’s a tempest. Harnessing the wild spirit of Van Halen, MARCO ANGELO’s guitar erupts with the fiery intensity of a supernova. The soulful artistry reminiscent of Joe Satriani engulfs the performance - and it's roaring, racing, and relentless, pushing the boundaries of sonic experience.

Each audacious dive bomb, harmonic sweep, and thrilling crescendo attests to MARCO ANGELO's mastery over his craft. It feels as if he's captured the very essence of a galactic clash — the ebullient spirit of Dragonball Z meeting the legendary rock epics — crafting a musical storm that sweeps listeners off their feet.

THE HOODED GUITARIST's guitarwork, fierce and untamed, dances across the soundscape with powerful emotion. And the drums, they don't just provide a rhythm; they thunder and roar, echoing the might of the cosmos, amplifying the track’s cinematic aura.

Drawing from a rich tapestry of global performances and collaborations with legends, MARCO ANGELO's passion and prowess resound in every note. This rendition isn't just music; it's a piece of art, sonically painted with the vibrant colors of his experiences and his boundless spirit.


In this rendition of "Cha-la Head-Cha-la (Dragonball Z Theme)", MARCO ANGELO doesn’t just strike chords; he strikes lightning.

Those acquainted with the magic of Marco's "Stay Hooded" concerts or the raw energy of "Hoodedlist" will find this piece a rapturous ascent to new heights. Marco, with reverence to the greats, ventures into uncharted territory, leaving behind trails of fire and brilliance.

In this rendition of "Cha-la Head-Cha-la (Dragonball Z Theme)", MARCO ANGELO doesn’t just strike chords; he strikes lightning. An anthem reborn; pulsating with life, dynamism, and sheer power. It is a clarion call for rock aficionados, anime enthusiasts, and anyone with a heartbeat that races to the rhythm of epic tales.

Marco Angelo • The Hooded Guitarist’s rendition of "Cha-la Head-Cha-la (Dragonball Z Theme)" is nothing short of a rock odyssey that you’ll want to embark upon, time and time again.

Check out "Cha-la Head-Cha-la (Dragonball Z Theme)"

by Marco Angelo • The Hooded Guitarist below!👇


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