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MARC BURFORD - "Leopards"

MUSIC FARMER 5 - Review by Adam Jones

When Nostalgia and Nature Collides

In the ethereal realm of indie folk, where the essence of storytelling melds seamlessly with the whispers of melody, MARC BURFORD presents "Leopards" - a luminous odyssey that traverses the tender landscapes of remembrance, the bittersweet tang of longing, and the undying light of hope. From its inception - a mesmerizing reversal of strings that blossoms into the tender embrace of an acoustic guitar's arpeggiation - the song ensnares the heart, setting forth a voyage of auditory splendor.

MARC BURFORD's vocal prowess stands as a beacon of emotional depth and clarity, merging the soul-touching timbre of Ed Sheeran with the pristine delivery of Shawn Mendes. His voice, a vessel of profound passion, soothes and elevates, transforming "Leopards" into not merely a musical piece but a heartfelt ode to the indomitable spirit of human connection. The lyrics, “We wandered out between the trees, magic feeling just to be, spending time with you, with flowers in full bloom," paint a vivid mosaic of moments cherished, wrapped in the warm glow of companionship and the serene beauty of nature.

The instrumentation of "Leopards" is a celebration of sonic beauty. The jubilant echoes of a glockenspiel intertwine with the reflective tones of a piano, crafting a harmonious dialogue that enriches the soul. The celestial harmony of a female voice intertwines with MARC BURFORD's, enveloping the listener in a cocoon of magical resonance, as if wandering through an enchanted wood.

As the melody unfolds, its crescendo embraces the listener in a wave of emotional grandeur, climaxing in a vocal expression that is nothing short of transcendent. MARC BURFORD’s gift for conveying the profoundest of emotions shines brightly, particularly as the journey concludes with the heartfelt affirmation, "Spending time with you, there’s nothing I’d rather do." This declaration lingers, a haunting echo of the song's exploration into the heart of memories, longing, and the eternal flame of hope.


MARC BURFORD's vocal prowess stands as a beacon of emotional depth and clarity, merging the soul-touching timbre of Ed Sheeran with the pristine delivery of Shawn Mendes.


In collaboration with lyricist Kat Brown, "Leopards" shares a more nuanced narrative, adding layers of depth with its nature-inspired verse. This creative partnership not only navigates the complexities of yearning but also exalts the simple, pure joy found in shared memories and the unwavering hope of reunion.

MARC BURFORD's illustrious career, dotted with collaborations with luminaries and features across prestigious platforms, serves as the backdrop to the masterpiece that is "Leopards." As a piece of the eagerly awaited album "Hope and Heart," it marks a new pinnacle in his musical journey, showcasing an evolution in artistry and the impactful resonance of his compositions.

"Leopards" invites us into a realm where the past and the promise of the future blend in a symphony of ephemeral beauty, affirming MARC BURFORD's place in the hearts of listeners around the globe.

Check out "Leopards" by MARC BURFORD below!👇


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