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M. Crane - "Swearing Off Fame"

Review by Wolf Georgia - MUSIC FARMER 5

A Sonic Journey Through Love and Lunar Landscapes

M. Crane, the brainchild of singer-songwriter Nick Maskill, has recently unleashed its latest album, "Swearing Off Fame," upon the indie-rock world. A sonic tapestry woven from the threads of The Killers, The Beach Boys, and pop-punk influences, M. Crane's self-described "schizophrenic" rock genre has indeed carved out a unique niche for itself.

Fresh off the press, the album's lead single "Taken" was released just yesterday, March 21, 2023, and has already become an instant indie classic. Boasting infectious guitar hooks, velvety harmonies, and Maskill's energetic vocals that echo the likes of Brandon Flowers, "Taken" is the kind of song that will have your head bobbing involuntarily to its hypnotic beat.

The album takes you on a roller coaster of emotions, with standouts like "More By Now" hitting you with an epic ninth chord intro, groovy beat, and a soaring, inspirational chorus that just begs to be sung out loud. The guitar work on this track is nothing short of spectacular, showcasing M. Crane's ability to blend genres and create a sound that's simultaneously nostalgic and fresh.

The title track, "Swearing Off Fame," is another gem in this collection. With a raw, garage-band style reminiscent of The Strokes, the song explores a wide vocal range, playing with both power and vulnerability. The retro, nostalgic vibes are juxtaposed with an upbeat, catchy melody that makes it impossible not to tap your foot along to the beat.

Throughout the album, M. Crane's signature "schizophrenic" rock elements weave in and out, tied together by the common threads of Maskill's distinctive voice and the enigmatic presence of the moon. The album, born from forty-six songs written over a three-year period, captures the essence of first love, unrequited love, and the end of love, making "Swearing Off Fame" an emotional and musical odyssey.

In a desert of sound where everything starts to blend together, M. Crane emerges as an oasis of authenticity and creativity. "Swearing Off Fame" is a testament to the power of honest music that speaks to lovers, thinkers, zealots, and seekers alike. Embark on a cosmic journey through love and lunar landscapes with M. Crane.

Check out "Taken" by M. Crane below!👇


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