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LUCHI - "You'll Hurt More"

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Review by Adam Jones - MUSIC FARMER 5

Digital Despair, Melodic Repair: LUCHI's Anthem of Renewal

Amidst the vast landscape of modern pop, Luchi's "You'll Hurt More" shines brilliantly. The song illuminates with a captivating musical story of heartbreak, recovery, and the complexities of our digital age. From the beginning we are enveloped in a rich blend of elegant piano, epic guitars, and glowing drums, followed of course by the sheer power of Luchi's voice.

Born in Glasgow and influenced by Italian music, Luchi has risen as a standout artist. His music journey started within the walls of his childhood room; now, he sees his name topping the iTunes charts, collaborating with renowned artists, and leaving a lasting impression on the global music scene. "You'll Hurt More" embodies this journey, radiating with Luchi's genuine emotion and refined craftsmanship.

"You'll Hurt More" delves deep into the emotions that follow a breakup, amplified in a world where digital glimpses can reopen old wounds. Luchi's voice, powerful yet gentle, captures this sentiment. As the song progresses, it transitions from sorrow to strength, highlighting the deceptive nature of social media.

The beauty of "You'll Hurt More" lies in its uplifting production. While the lyrics navigate the challenges of heartbreak, the melody rises, celebrating resilience and self-worth. This balance is a shining example of Luchi's talent, demonstrating his ability to create music that inspires and resonates in clever (even unpredictable) ways.

The chorus stands out, drawing listeners in with its extremely powerful performance and earworm of a melodic hook. Luchi's voice, paired with the song's epic instrumentation, crafts a sound that feels both timeless and contemporary - no easy feat to achieve, yet seems to be a Luchi specialty.


Luchi's voice shines brighter than a diamond on his song, "You'll Hurt More." Both powerful and also intimate, his vocal prowess is undeniable.

At its heart, "You'll Hurt More" is truly LUCHI's masterpiece, reflecting the nuances of modern relationships and the digital challenges of heartbreak. It stands as a symbol of hope, assuring listeners that while pain may be temporary, strength and growth emerge from challenges. His experience will help others overcome the trials and tribulations of life itself.

"You'll Hurt More" is more than a song; it's a source of comfort and a celebration of rebirth. With its heartfelt lyrics, mesmerizing instrumentation, and Luchi's distinctive voice, this song is set to leave a mark on pop music. For those seeking comfort, inspiration, and a song that resonates with the soul, "You'll Hurt More" is the anthem of our times.

Check out "You'll Hurt More" by Luchi below!👇


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