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LEVI GRXCE - "Beanstalk"

MUSIC FARMER 5 - Review by Adam Jones

LEVI GRXCE Scales the Heights of Artistry and Ambition

In a realm where artistry and reality converge, we find a beacon of raw talent and undying passion embodied in the one and only LEVI GRXCE. With his latest song, "Beanstalk", LEVI GRXCE catapults listeners into a dimension where dreams materialize through grit, determination, and an unyielding pursuit of personal progress. The track reverberates with echoes of perseverance, not only setting a new tone for the alternative hip-hop domain, but also extending an invitation to witness the dawn of a musical epoch where LEVI GRXCE reigns supreme.

From the first whisperings of the moody slide guitar that intertwines with glowing synth hits, "Beanstalk" cradles you in an embrace of haunting beauty and deep resonance. This atmospheric prelude blossoms suddenly, metamorphosing into a landscape dotted with retro glitching effects, serving as harbingers to the vocal odyssey that is about to unfold.

LEVI GRXCE's vocals emerge like the first rays of the morning sun, illuminating the intricacies of the human spirit with a voice that embodies both velvety smoothness and an electric charge of vitality. It's a vocal delivery that dances gracefully, a ballet of sound that pirouettes around your senses, leaving a trail of goosebumps in its wake. The rhythmic undulations in his cadence are nothing short of hypnotic, guiding listeners in a head-bobbing communion with the pulsating heartbeat of the song.

Within the lyrical tapestry woven by LEVI GRXCE, we find reflections of a soul deeply entrenched in the duality of life’s demands and desires. The narrative pulsates with the daily hustle, a relentless dance between love's allure and the siren call of financial freedom. The lyrics depict vivid imagery of early mornings greeted with ambition, of dreams nurtured in the cradle of hard work and sacrifice. Lines such as "4:30 am I'm gonna meet and greet that sun" echo as mantras for every individual daring to chase after their towering aspirations, reminiscent of the towering beanstalk, a symbol of reaching ever upward, defying gravity, defying odds.

The music unfolds like a living entity, a symbiotic blend of deep 808 bass patterns and echoing slide guitar, crafting a harmonious sanctuary where hope blooms amidst struggles. It is in this sanctuary that LEVI GRXCE guides us, his voice a beacon of light in a world often clouded with uncertainty and fleeting pleasures.

Every word that graces your ears is steeped in authenticity, drenched in a passion that cascades from LEVI GRXCE's very soul. This is a man who has transformed personal adversities into a symphony of resilience, a harmonic showcasing of the transformative power of perseverance. The raw vulnerability echoed in his voice connects with listeners on a visceral level, fostering a communal experience of empathy and shared dreams.

As "Beanstalk" reaches its crescendo, one can't help but feel a symbiotic connection with LEVI GRXCE's journey, a voyage marked by undying determination and an enviable clarity of purpose. It becomes more than a song; it transforms into an anthem for every individual ardently working to carve out their piece of paradise in a world that often demands compromise.


LEVI GRXCE's vocals emerge like the first rays of the morning sun, illuminating the intricacies of the human spirit with a voice that embodies both velvety smoothness and an electric charge of vitality.

With "Beanstalk", LEVI GRXCE has not only marked his ascent in the music industry but has also sculpted a monument of hope, a musical beacon that illuminates the paths of those daring to forge their destinies with grit and grace. As we stand at the cusp of a new era heralded by his anticipated album "Rise to Grace", it becomes unequivocally clear that LEVI GRXCE is not merely a musical prodigy but a visionary artist sculpting the soundtrack of a generation poised to rise, to soar, to conquer.

LEVI GRXCE's "Beanstalk" is not just a masterpiece, but a living canvas of dreams woven with golden threads of inspiration and tenacity. Through the tapestry of sound crafted meticulously by LEVI GRXCE, we are invited to glimpse the essence of human potential, to be reminded that within us all, lies the capacity to rise, to grow, and to reach the heavens, just like the mythical beanstalk that inspires this awe-inducing musical journey.

Check out "Beanstalk" by LEVI GRXCE below!👇


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