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LES FRADKIN presents full length, "Reality - The Rock Opera"

MUSIC FARMER 5 - Review by Wolf Georgia

A Timeless Exploration of Sonic Dimensions

The long-awaited spectacle from LES FRADKIN is finally here! "Reality - The Rock Opera" is not just an album; it's a cosmic rock journey. From the realms of ethereal harmonies to the gritty realities of classic rock, this musical odyssey encapsulates a universe of emotions, sounds, and stories.

The moment "Reality" begins, listeners are immediately thrown into a whirlwind of vocal harmonies so intricately woven, it feels as though The Artist Formerly Known as Prince had a hand in their creation. The intensity of the opening harmonies is complemented by thunderous drums, painting an atmosphere of raw emotion. LES FRADKIN's voice here is reminiscent of the late great David Bowie, yet it remains distinctly his own. Passionate, cool, and in control.

"Magic Attic" is aptly named, as the song's ethereal vocal harmony introduction feels like uncovering a hidden realm. The vibrant sonic colors and playful rhythm section that follows showcase LES FRADKIN's versatility as an artist, effortlessly oscillating between the worlds of mystery and joy.

The tropical vibes of "It’s Plastic" add an unexpected twist to the rock opera narrative. Drawing listeners into a paradise of psychological rock, it showcases elements of steel drums, shakers, and a groove that's reminiscent of a turbocharged Jimmy Buffett track.

Closing the album is a song familiar to fans here at MusicFarmer5. "Together" seamlessly fuses the vocal essence of Phil Collins with production elements evocative of Prince. This epic classic rock-ballad ensures "Reality - The Rock Opera" concludes on a soaring note.


LES FRADKIN's voice here is reminiscent of the late great David Bowie, yet it remains distinctly his own.

LES FRADKIN's illustrious history, from his groundbreaking stint with "Beatlemania" to his virtuoso mastery of the MIDI Guitar, informs every note and chord. Having played alongside legends and trailblazed new sonic terrains, LES FRADKIN’s work in this album is a culmination of years of musical innovation and expertise.

Drawing on his diverse background, ranging from Top 40 hits in the '70s and '80s to his TV music compositions, LES FRADKIN channels his vast experiences into this rock opera. The album is rich with elements of Surf Rock, Classic Rock, and even Baroque influences, a testament to his unique approach to integrating various genres.

In "Reality - The Rock Opera", LES FRADKIN successfully achieves a rare feat: creating an album that feels both nostalgic and groundbreaking, familiar yet excitingly new. For long-time fans and newcomers alike, this is a musical journey not to be missed. The rock opera is, without a doubt, a reality worth diving into.

Check out "Reality - The Rock Opera" by LES FRADKIN below!👇


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