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LAZORE - "Searching For Something"

MUSIC FARMER 5 - Review by Adam Jones

From Melodic Melancholy to Hopeful Harmony

We're back with another amazing song from LAZORE, an epic wordsmith and music producer who time and time again crafts emotional journeys for music aficionados. We covered LAZORE's previous releases, "On My Own" and "Just Another Day," which etched a profound mark on the alt-rock landscape. His latest release, "Searching For Something," elevates him yet again to the realm only few can traverse.

From the very beginning, roaring guitars intertwine with a fiercely uptempo punk-rock drumbeat - not only commanding your attention but grasping it tightly - placing you in the front row to witness the raw emotion that LAZORE pours into every note. The first-verse lyrics immediately pull you deep into the artist's mindset — a world of doubt, contemplation, and a yearning for resolution. You can't help but be thrust into this storm of introspection - yet as the production carries an epic upbeat quality, it makes it near impossible to not bang your head to the rhythm - all while simultaneously sinking into its darkly captivating aura.

The chorus further immerses us in the labyrinth of LAZORE's soul. With lines like "I’m searching for something, to say to make it all okay," he captures a universal sentiment of anguish and the struggle to find solace. The emphasis on "away" during the chorus, combined with that drawn-out musical hold, serves as an audible reminder of the weight these words carry — a brilliant touch to an already stirring composition.

But what truly sets "Searching For Something" apart from LAZORE's previous work is the dexterity with which he weaves distinct rock eras into one cohesive masterpiece. There's an unmistakable homage to the 2000s alt-rock greats — think Switchfoot and Green Day. Yet, there’s also an underlying retro essence, reminiscent of the Beatles’ transformative journey from their early toe-tapping tunes to the mature, psychedelic artistry of "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band."


But what truly sets "Searching For Something" apart from LAZORE's previous work is the dexterity with which he weaves distinct rock eras into one cohesive masterpiece.

This isn’t just another song for Mike Lazore - it's a heartrending dive into a pool of emotions; a reflection on missed warning signs, the destructive allure of material wealth, and the arduous quest for closure in the face of regret. It’s not just music; it’s therapy. The vulnerability of sharing such raw, personal revelations exemplifies LAZORE's dedication to his craft and his audience.

When you survey the modern alt-rock horizon, LAZORE rises like a colossus — a testament to his relentless innovation and commitment to reshaping the genre. With "Searching For Something," he once again affirms his place in the pantheon of modern rock luminaries. His blend of past and present, introspection and outward observation, paints a picture of an artist constantly evolving, while never forgetting his roots.

LAZORE's "Searching For Something" is another grand chapter in the legacy of an artist who never stops pushing boundaries. Let the world bear witness to LAZORE's next great alt-rock triumph!

Check out "Searching For Something" by LAZORE below!👇


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