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Joe Boris - "Set Me Free"

Review by Wolf Georgia - MUSIC FARMER 5

A Vibrant Fusion of Retro Vibes and Spiritual Depth

In the vibrant panorama of the contemporary reggae scene, Joe Boris emerges, solidifying his presence as a dynamic force with his single, "Set Me Free." The track harmoniously fuses the epic-yet-chill energy of Sublime with a spiritual depth echoing traditional Rastafarian reggae. This vibing anthem conceals an unexpected depth beneath its feel-good surface.

"Set Me Free" seizes the listener's attention right from the opening, with a rainstick conjuring an aural spectacle, succeeded by a playful array of stereo-play guitars and vivacious bass lines that dart between the left and right audio channels. Boris's talent for crafting captivating soundscapes is evident in the leisurely yet intoxicating aura of the song.

Joe Boris' vocal shines as the centerpiece of the track, resonating with a fresh and captivating allure. As the song progresses, his voice is augmented by a talkbox effect, evoking a powerful nostalgia reminiscent of Peter Frampton's soul-rock innovation. Yet Boris also carves a modern and unique niche within this tradition, establishing "Set Me Free" as a noteworthy contemporary classic.

Adding an ethereal dimension is a captivating female vocal that harmonizes with Boris's own, creating a mesmerizing echo to the lyrical line, “Gimme some Ganja.” This profound musical dialogue enhances the song's spiritual core, adding depth and fascination.

The song builds towards a phenomenal guitar solo, echoing the signature style of Joe Walsh from The Eagles. This homage to classic rock, combined with reggae elements and spiritual lyrics, crafts "Set Me Free" into a beautifully balanced tapestry of diverse influences.


The song builds towards a phenomenal guitar solo, echoing the signature style of Joe Walsh from The Eagles.

Boris' distinguished career, performing alongside the likes of Clarence Clemons, Michael Falzarano, Garth Hudson, and Buddy Cage, explains why "Set Me Free" blends the finest of classic rock and contemporary innovation. His influential role in the East Coast's jam band scene is reflected in the expansive, psychedelic soundscapes that define the song. His lyrical prowess, echoing the heartfelt narratives of Bob Dylan, breathes substance into the song's seemingly simplistic theme.

At its heart, "Set Me Free" is a heartfelt homage to marijuana, extolling the pleasure and liberation it offers. Its guileless appreciation of the plant forms an invigorating contrast to the intricate musical layers. While the song eschews political arguments for legalization, its joyous celebration of marijuana stands as a compelling statement in itself.

"Set Me Free" infuses elements of fun, enchantment, and laid-back rock 'n' roll, aligning with the current trend of nostalgia for the music of the past. It respects its musical forebears while carving its unique groove in the musical landscape. With "Set Me Free," Joe Boris indeed frees himself from genre limitations and expectations, presenting a song that's as daring and unpredictable as it is irresistibly engaging.

Check out "Set Me Free" by Joe Boris below!👇


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