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Jake Merritt - "Old Soul"

Review by Wolf Georgia - MUSIC FARMER 5

With a captivating blend of soul, folk, R&B, and country, Jake Merritt's 'Old Soul' takes you on a nostalgic and hauntingly beautiful journey through time and technology.

If you're looking for a new album that will transport you to another era, JAKE MERRITT's "Old Soul" is the one you've been waiting for. Set to be released this Spring 2023, this soul/folk/R&B/Country artist has created a stunning collection of songs that feel both timeless and fresh. From the smooth, jazzy instrumentation to Jake's beautifully captivating voice, every track on this album is a masterpiece.

The opening song, "Hometown," sets the stage perfectly for the rest of the album - it's an open love letter to the place that will always have a piece of your heart. A sultry saxophone solo and glorious female vocals add a sense of mysticism to the nostalgia-inducing atmosphere. It's the perfect way to start an album that's all about the magic of the past.

But "OLD SOUL" isn't just about looking back. "Just a Dream" is a scathing critique of our modern world's obsession with technology. The eerie vocal production (beautifully layered octaves & vocal dubbing), and dirty, extreme-driven fuzz guitars create a sense of unease that will stay with you long after the song ends.

"The Ride" takes things in a different direction, telling a story about riding in a car late at night with the ghost of a dead loved one. The retro surfy instrumentation adds to the spooky atmosphere and makes this track stand out from the rest.

And then there are the political songs. "Time to Move On" and "The Tide" both tackle issues that are all too relevant in today's world. They have a great Eagles-inspired sound that will undoubtedly have you singing along.

"OLD SOUL" is an album that's impossible not to love. Jake Merritt's voice is incredibly smooth and captivating - the music is laid back, jazzy, and sprinkled with elements of alt-country that speaks to fans of all genres. It's the perfect album for anyone who loves soulful fresh music with a touch of nostalgia. Stay tuned for OLD SOUL by Jake Merritt coming to a platform near you!

Check out JAKE MERRITT below!👇


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