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J-Bizz - "Bizzness As Usual"

HIP HOP HOPE: The Album that's Changing the Hip-Hop Game for the Better

Review by Adam Jones - MUSIC FARMER 5

In an industry where imitation often drowns out authenticity, an artist like J-Bizz emerges - glowing with originality. With his newest hip-hop masterpiece, "Bizzness As Usual", he sails through the wide ocean of the rap genre, infusing his unique style of 'Hip Hop Hope' into each rhythm - each rhyme - each note. This 20-minute aural journey is a melodic mosaic, weaving together a variety of talents and unifying the grit of hip-hop's legends.

The album's overture, "Born Day," is an exhilarating homage to the old-school rap that has shaped J-Bizz's artistic evolution. The underlying loops are like a pulsing heartbeat, driving the vibrant rap performance that J-Bizz puts forth. Evoking the spirit of "Run the Jewels," the track artfully balances a catchy tambourine rhythm while also throwing in delightful dynamic surprises that keep the listener on their toes. It's a captivating inauguration to the sonic journey that J-Bizz has expertly crafted.

Transitioning to "The Result," we embark on a flight into the divine, initiated by a lo-fi piano that rapidly pairs with a complex, swift drum pattern. The vocals, wrapped in a celestial effect, whisk you away on a ride through the ether. It's a sublime juxtaposition of ethereal textures and rapid-fire rhythms, illuminating the sheer ingenuity of J-Bizz's musicality.

Then we encounter "New Baby", a compelling urban ballad bathed in the luminescent glow of Drake's distinct style. The radiant, shimmering auto-tune serves as an innovative adornment, strengthening the track's emotional underpinnings without compromising its musical sophistication. Interwoven with electro percussion elements, it's a pioneering blend of deep sentiment and urban edginess.

The album culminates with the elegant "Finer Things", characterized by a resplendent bell hook that feels akin to the clink of champagne glasses in a celebratory toast to an epic auditory voyage. The track's grand finale is a mesmerizing synth sweep that escorts the listener across an expansive soundscape - a fitting conclusion to a complex, layered musical journey.


In an industry where imitation often drowns out authenticity, an artist like J-Bizz emerges - glowing with originality.


"Bizzness As Usual" is a mesmerizing tableau, harmonizing a wide array of influences from Nas to Kendrick Lamar and King Los, yet remaining unequivocally true to J-Bizz's artistic essence. In this symphony, J-Bizz reverently nods to hip-hop's roots while reshaping them into something uniquely his own. This album is not merely a collection of songs; it's a clarion call to join the "Flight Crew" - a soaring expedition through the stratosphere of sound, guided by J-Bizz, the maestro himself.

With its masterful production, enthralling beats, and lyrical dexterity, "Bizzness As Usual" doesn't just elevate the standards for hip-hop; it encapsulates J-Bizz's maturation as an artist. His fervor for the craft and dedication to his "Bizzness Class" echo in every beat, every verse, transforming this album into a beacon illuminating the path towards the future of rap. A single listen, and you'll find yourself swaying to the rhythm, surrendering to the hypnotic beats, and being irresistibly drawn into the world of J-Bizz. This, dear reader, is the essence of 'Hip Hop Hope'.

Check out "Finer Things" off Bizzness As Usual by J-Bizz below!👇




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