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Eclectic musical visionary pioneers a sonic revolution

I had the pleasure of being able to review IMTIAZ KIBRIA, who’s been described as “an astral dimensional multi-talented creator that channels sonic vibrations that move the soul and reverberate through the multiverse.” I’ve gotta say, when I first saw this description, my interest was definitely piqued, to say the least. After listening to his music, it all makes sense. He truly is a cosmic wanderer - an artist constantly seeking a new sound, re-defining himself while maintaining his signature tone.

These tracks were born out of a collaboration with Donny Dey, a multi-faceted music producer with magic touch. His sonic innovation gels perfectly with Kibria’s forward-thinking musical sensibilities. It’s also very clear to me that Donny Dey takes inspiration from only the best musicians throughout history, which I will get in to further down in this review.

Our first track to review is “Skydiving,” an eclectic blend of surf guitar, modern hip-hop drums, and soaring vocals. There is a bit of “Soundcloud rap”vibes sprinkled throughout the song, which brings a whole other element to the mix - tasteful, bright auto-tune effects add an uplifted shine that contrasts the lyrical hook “Parachute is gone, I think I’m dying.” It’s the type of ironic musical choice that only emerges from a thoughtful artist.

Next up is “Give Me the Loot,” a track featuring female vocalist Kendall Chill. This track exhibits some of the attitude of the Beastie Boys, while giving off some “M.I.A.” vibes. Imtiaz Kibria shows off his rapping agility, which sounds both aggressive and fun. Kendall Chill has got a really amazing voice - it’s soothing but also edgy. The blend between them is intoxicating. I keep going back to The Beastie Boys, but that’s something I can’t shake off in regards to this track - I haven’t come across someone able to fully grasp the fun-yet-edgy attitude that made The Beastie Boys so famous. Kibria’s got that attitude - and dare I say, perhaps more.

Following up we have “If I Left Tomorrow” - an 80’s dream pop inspired track with airy vocals and melodic synthesizers. It’s so modern, yet so retro. It’s definitely a track that could help push a drama along on the big screen - not only a “licensable” track, but an artistic assistance. Donny Dey’s production strength really stands out in this track. It’s important to note that Patrick Hale was also an integral contributor to this track.

Next on the playlist is “Kismet,” once again featuring Kendall Chill. This may be my favorite track - I absolutely love the way Kendall Chill’s voice blends with Kibria’s. In this song, Chill’s voice is literally layered ON TOP of Kibria’s - they are singing in unison. Their blend is super unique - it’s both cool and edgy.

I’m so happy to hear Kendall Chill show up alongside Imtiaz Kibria again on the next track, “Phases.” The track opens up with an R&B guitar hook, and sets a darker, even ore chill tone. This track is cool because it lacks a full-on drumbeat - it’s more like a modern ballad with a hip-hop twist. The track builds up to the final concluding line, “Don’t change me, don’t phase me.”

The final track on the list is “No Yesterday” - a track that sounds like a blend of Daft Punk, Depeche Mode, Devo, and The Weeknd. Once again, Kibria pushes the sonic envelope with yet another unique combination of musical influences. As a bassist, I personally love this song because the bass line is just so damn cool. Kibria’s vocals soar over this addictive bassline.

I can’t recommend Imtiaz Kibria enough - it's amazing to hear such an eclectic blend of so many different styles, while retaining a single unifying tone. If you haven’t already, you HAVE TO listen to Imtiaz Kibria.

Be sure to check out IMTIAZ KIBRIA at the Spotify link below!



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