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MUSIC FARMER 5 - Review by Adam Jones

Retro Reverie Meets Cosmic Cadence

From the enigmatic heart of Lawndale, California, rises a luminous celestial body, its silvery beams cutting through the monochrome tapestry of modern music. This celestial being? None other than Zachary Chacon, brilliantly channeling the soul of the digital age as HOLLYWOOD VIDEO GAME KILL-BOT in his masterwork, “Moonlight.”

To merely tag this opus as 'electronic rock' would be akin to capturing a star inside a jar. Chacon's influences, ranging from the timeless echoes of Duran Duran to the electronic symphonies of Kraftwerk, craft a radiant tapestry; yet, "Moonlight" stands singular, a constellation of its own. In a world draped in sepia-toned nostalgia, HOLLYWOOD VIDEO GAME KILL-BOT crafts a realm where the 8-bit colors of yesteryears dance with avant-garde sounds of John Cage and Steve Reich.

"Descending" begins this odyssey, weaving a digital dreamscape. An organ, soulful and poignant, casts an ethereal glow, drawing us into a dimension punctuated by thunderous EDM beats and electronic whispers, reminiscent of stars communicating in their secret tongue.

With the ethereal grace of a cosmic ballet, "Keys" unveils itself. A symphony where Bowser could very well be the maestro, this audacious blend of boss-battle bravado and Kraftwerk-infused sonic artistry keeps us perpetually on the edge, till a glittering cascade of glitched keys heralds its exit.

"Hyperdrive" is a siren call from another era; an eerie yet uplifting tribute to the iconic sounds of the '90s. Its celestial synth, reminiscent of Owl City, floats above like a guardian comet, while the cascading piano melodies anchor our souls amidst this cosmic tempest.



And as we near the end of our celestial sojourn, "Swamp" serenades us. A realm where the pristine reflections of ring-modulated vocalizations dance atop the waters and the haunting strum of a distant banjo tells tales of days gone by. The throb of the EDM bass reverberates like the very heartbeat of the universe itself.

Employing an alchemical blend of tools, from Magix Music Maker 2014 to the sophisticated Logic Pro X, Chacon’s mastery is evident in every note and nuance. "Moonlight" isn't just an album; it's an astral journey, an ode to the beautiful confluence of the organic and the electronic.

For those yearning for music that doesn't just echo the sentiments of a bygone era but paints with the vibrant colors of the cosmos, “Moonlight” awaits. In the vast expanse of the musical universe, HOLLYWOOD VIDEO GAME KILL-BOT shines, not just as a star, but as a radiant galaxy.

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