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HAP.e - "Higher"

Review by Adam Jones - MUSIC FARMER 5

A Sonic Journey to Cosmic Funk and Beyond

When an artist dares to explore the sonic universe and push the boundaries of music, we are often left in awe. HAP.e, the Norwegian musician and producer, has created a masterpiece in their latest offering, "Higher." This epic funk/electronic song transports listeners to a realm that channels the likes of Daft Punk, The Weeknd, and even a sprinkle of hyper pop, as it masterfully weaves together various genres to create a stunning sonic tapestry.

"Higher" opens with an otherworldly synth rise effect, immediately capturing the listener's attention and curiosity. The anticipation builds, and without a moment to spare, we're introduced to an irresistibly intriguing slap bass line that infuses disco vibes into the song's core. The powerful drum groove supports this foundation, creating a soundscape that compels you to move your body and surrender to the rhythm.

As if the intricate instrumentation wasn't enough, the vocals are nothing short of breathtaking. Channeling the ethereal quality of The Weeknd's iconic voice, the track's singer's soaring vocal performance takes the listener on an emotional journey through the song's uplifting message. The addition of vocoder vocals further elevates the track, adding a futuristic layer to the already dynamic soundscape.



The accompanying lyric video (available on YouTube, embedded below on this page!) adds another dimension to the song's impact, featuring visually stunning steampunk imagery that perfectly complements the track's futuristic and innovative essence. The synergy between audio and visual elements further showcases HAP.e's artistic prowess and attention to detail.

"Higher" is a testament to HAP.e's adventurous spirit and the commitment to collaboration, seamlessly incorporating elements from different genres and styles. This dynamic and inspiring track is sure to resonate with listeners worldwide, leaving us all eager to hear what HAP.e will create on the next journey to the sonic cosmos.

Check out HAP.e - Higher below!👇


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