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Hal Savar - "Next Year"

Review by Adam Jones - MUSIC FARMER 5

Hal Savar's "Next Year" is an epic ode to hope

Hal Savar's single "Next Year" is an emotive and rousing anthem that seamlessly blends elements of folk, rock, and blues. Showcasing a musical prowess that is both captivating and thought-provoking, Savar weaves a rich tapestry of sound that invites listeners to explore their own experiences of resilience and unity.

Savar's distinctive voice, with its gritty rasp, calls to mind the likes of an even-more-lucid Bruce Springsteen. His vocal prowess elevates the song's emotional heft, encouraging listeners to forge a personal connection with the lyrics. Backed by a powerful combination of driving drums, acoustic guitar, soaring strings, and deep percussion, the song achieves an anthemic quality that is hard to ignore.

As the song builds to its final crescendo, with all elements intensifying then suddenly dropping out, Savar's voice is left alone while it triumphantly declares "Maybe next year," instilling a sense of unwavering determination. This moment serves as the crux of the song's core message, which Savar explains is about finding hope amidst the strife of the Covid pandemic.



The universality of "Next Year" lies in its portrayal of the shared human experience of seeking comfort and togetherness during difficult times. Savar's talent for translating this message into his music speaks to his capabilities as a songwriter and his genuine commitment to uplifting others through his work.

Hal Savar's background as part of a military family, raised in various states across the US, has undoubtedly shaped his musical perspective. His lifelong dedication to creating and performing authentic, soulful music is evident in "Next Year" - indeed, this track that holds the potential to become a classic go-to anthem of hope and perseverance.

Savar's personal journey, documented in the independently produced docu-series "Highway to Hal," provides fans with a deeper understanding of the passion and effort behind his music. As he continues to create and perform, Hal Savar's heartfelt and inspiring songs, such as "Next Year," will undoubtedly offer solace and reassurance in times of doubt and uncertainty.

Check out "Next Year" by HAL SAVAR below!👇


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