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Hal Savar & Emily Stinnett present, "Nevada to Mississippi"

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

MUSIC FARMER 5 - Review by Adam Jones

Tugging on the Strings of Soul

In today's vast landscape of mainstream pop music, it's a rare and beautiful moment when a song emerges that not only captures the ear but also cradles the soul. "Nevada to Mississippi," a stirring duet by HAL SAVAR and EMILY STINNETT, epitomizes this extraordinary occurrence. This masterpiece transcends the confines of a mere melody, unfurling into a profound journey of love, longing, and the timeless art of storytelling through song.

Marking the ninth and final release of HAL SAVAR's prolific year and the second release from the rising star EMILY STINNETT, the song is a shining example of musical alchemy. Their first collaboration, "Nevada to Mississippi," is a testament to the magic that can happen when two uniquely talented artists blend their crafts.

The song opens with an evocative acoustic guitar hook, a melody that gently takes the listener by the hand, leading them into a world of heartfelt emotion. Into this soundscape glides EMILY STINNETT’s voice, slick and captivating, a beacon of light that carries with it the legacy and soul of country music legends. Her voice, both pure and resonant, paints a picture of yearning and depth.

Complementing her is HAL SAVAR, a voice that we are intimately familiar with here at MusicFarmer5 - one that resonates with the grit of life's experiences, imbued with the essence of folk, rock, and blues. HAL SAVAR's raspy, impassioned tone blends seamlessly with EMILY STINNETT’s gorgeous voice - creating a harmonious dialogue that is the heartbeat of "Nevada to Mississippi." Their vocal interplay is more than a fun feature (like so many other duets); it is the underlying narrative soul of the song, telling a story of love, separation, and the unbreakable threads of human connection.

The song's lyrics tell an extraordinary tale: a girl, cradling her lover's guitar, her mind wandering from Nevada to Mississippi. It's a journey of the heart, exploring memories, feelings of longing, and the profound solitude that comes with missing a departed love. This narrative is masterfully embedded in every chord and lyric, inviting the listener to travel alongside, feeling every nuance of emotion.


HAL SAVAR's raspy, impassioned tone blends seamlessly with EMILY STINNETT’s gorgeous voice - creating a harmonious dialogue that is the heartbeat of "Nevada to Mississippi."


In "Nevada to Mississippi," HAL SAVAR and EMILY STINNETT have created more than a song; they have woven a tapestry of emotion. This duet stands as a profound testament to the power of music to bridge distances, to speak the unspoken, and to connect hearts across the expanse of time and space. It is a piece that demands to be heard, not just by those who appreciate great music, but by anyone who has ever experienced the depths of love and longing.

HAL SAVAR and EMILY STINNETT's "Nevada to Mississippi" is not merely a song; it is an odyssey of the heart, a voyage through the beautiful complexities of emotion and connection, delivered masterfully by two of music's most authentic and passionate voices.

Listen to "Nevada to Mississippi"



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