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H2theBizza - "Go Getter"

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Review by Adam Jones - MUSIC FARMER 5

A Global Rap Anthem Defying Boundaries and Barriers

If the sonic universe was a canvas, then H2theBizza's new single "Go Getter" would be a hypnotic blend of vibrant colors and vigorous brushstrokes. An explosive concoction of rap juxtaposed with resonating Punjabi tones, this track infuses a jolt of adrenaline into the listener, setting the stage for a truly unique listening experience.

From the very beginning "Go Getter" plunges you into a whirlpool of thunderous beats that serve as a lifeline to the rap world's heart. Epic, colossal drums provide the pulse, setting a pace that is both intense and irresistible. The retro hip-hop vibe subtly woven through the fabric of the song transports you back in time, but never loses its connection to the present. The sound design is wrapped in a sleek, modern production that only enhances the track's nostalgia and power.

H2theBizza brings a fierceness to his rapping that's electric. His lyrics are razor-sharp, cutting through the heavy percussion with a potent intensity. Delivering lyrics in both English and Punjabi, H2theBizza proves himself a master of duality, bridging gaps between cultures and genres. The result is a testament to his talent: a song that is an invigorating motivational anthem resonating globally and transcending language barriers.

Raised in both India and Washington DC, H2theBizza's musical influences are as diverse as they come. The rapper-DJ has managed to mold these influences into a sound that is undeniably his, painting a picture of his own journey in vibrant, auditory colors. His bold combination of Bollywood's rhythmic extravaganza and hip-hop's raw nerve results in a sonic spectacle that is as audacious as it is appealing.


H2theBizza brings a fierceness to his rapping that's electric. His lyrics are razor-sharp, cutting through the heavy percussion with a potent intensity.

The brilliance of "Go Getter" lies not only in its musicality but in its testament to H2theBizza's fearless exploration of sound. The track stands as an emblem of the artist's journey - his growth from a teenager crafting beats and rhymes to a rap sensation captivating audiences worldwide. His unique blend of cultural experiences has yielded a distinct sound, unafraid to shake up the status quo.

"Go Getter" is not just a song; it's an experience. It's a journey through the mind of an artist who is not afraid to push boundaries. H2theBizza's powerful fusion of cultures, languages, and genres creates a sound that is at once familiar and also entirely new. This is the mark of a true go-getter, a musical force that is not only on the rise but also reshaping the landscape of the hip-hop genre as we know it.

Listen to H2theBizza's "Go Getter" on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube, and other platforms, and join the ride that transcends languages, cultures, and conventional musical borders. LISTEN TO IT TODAY!

Listen to "Go Getter" by H2theBizza below!👇




1. How has your upbringing in both India and Washington DC influenced your music?

Growing up, I always had a deep passion for music. My parents got me an electronic keyboard around 6 years of age and I remember just getting completely in a zen state of mind learning to play Bollywood music. Even though my parents didn't have much, they put me through classical Indian music lessons. Around that time, I was also getting exposed to American rap and pop music and I started to mix and fuse the two. I have loved it ever since!

2. Can you explain the process behind the creation of the hybrid sound of "Go Getter," especially the fusion of Punjabi rap and English lyrics?

Punjabi and English lyrics fusion is not that uncommon. One of the popular ones have been "be aware of the Boyz" by Jay-Z and Punjabi MC. Punjabi and English RAP however is still very unique to me and something that I feel really worked out well on this track.

3. Your track is characterized by its high energy and powerful delivery. How do you channel this intensity in the studio?

I mix master all my music, I actually enjoy it a lot. In creating this track, I was really looking for a powerful motivator not just in lyrics but also beats. This is what I love about old school hip hop like Ice Cube where his lyrics and delivery is just so powerful that

it requires an equally powerful music/beat. I had exactly the same outcome in mind in this one.

4. The blend of Bollywood and hip-hop is something not often seen in the music industry. Can you tell us more about your decision to create music in this unique genre fusion?

Rap industry in India is booming, hindi and punjabi rap scene also known as Desi Hip Hop (DHH) is creating new fans by the minute. I am absolutely loving it so I wanted to blend my love for the Desi Hip Hop with my passion for English rap together in this fusion.

5. "Go Getter" has been described as a motivational anthem. What motivates you, and how does this inspiration reflect in the lyrical storyline?

Love for my family is what motivates me every day. My wife, my 3 kids are my world. I always have my daughter listen to the music I create and get her feedback, they are a big part of my creative process.

6. Your single "Go Getter" displays a beautiful blend of retro and modern elements. How do you strike the balance between preserving the essence of old-school hip-hop and adding a fresh, contemporary twist to it?

I absolutely love old school hip hop. I always hear in many of my tracks that the listeners hear that hint of old school hip hop which honestly just comes through unknowingly at times. Same thing happened here and it is awesome.

7. Your music transcends language barriers. How do you approach the challenge of creating music that resonates with a global audience?

As mentioned previously, hip hop culture in India is booming big time which is amazing to see. The biggest challenge of any fusion is understanding your target audience since it may be split. This is why in my songs where I am using both punjabi and English rap, I focus on the flow so that regardless of the language, music lovers all around the world can enjoy it just the same.

8. Growing up, you started making beats, writing rap lyrics, and free-styling as a teenager. How has your music evolved since then?

I focus a lot on producing now. I really like to find a unique sound and in many cases incorporate many different sounds in a seamless blend. For me it is not just about hopping on latest trend or using basic samples, it is as much about the overall feel to the music as it is the lyrics.

9. How has your experience as a DJ influenced your music and performance style, especially in terms of audience engagement and creating an energized atmosphere?

The best sets I had as a DJ were the ones where I was mixing live, watching the room and flow while channeling the energy on the dance floor in my mix. In a lot of my upbeat songs I try to visualize where one may be listening to this in future, will it be on a dance floor, at a gym, in the car etc.

10. Can you share any upcoming projects or what direction you're hoping to take your music in the future? What's next for H2theBizza?

I am honestly enjoying this. Creating music just brings an amazing feeling of peace and happiness in my hearts. I am right now working on a new punjabi rap single “Big Baus” which will

be another motivating single about winning the game of life, pushing boundaries. Feel free to follow me on IG @ H2theBizza to stay updated!


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