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H@MMY- "Imminent"

MUSIC FARMER 5 - Review by Adam Jones

H@mmy's Hip-hop Haven: 'Imminent' Blends Bristol Soul with Global Beats

Heralding a dawn where acoustic serenity meets street urgency, H@MMY presents "Imminent" - an auditory pilgrimage of grit, rhythm, and raw passion. From the acoustic guitar's tender embrace melding with the tranquility of chirping birds to the audacious drum beats that seamlessly intertwine with H@mmy's articulate vocal chops, this track is nothing short of a masterpiece. The fusion of classical guitar and poetic rapping is a juxtaposition that one might not expect to work; but work it does - and BRILLIANTLY so.

The lyrical narrative of "Imminent" is just as captivating as its melody. The tale of a woman's longing juxtaposed against the backdrop of a rapper's own self-confidence is a microcosm of modern romantic tensions and personal bravado. The line "Wait, Hold On" leading to the beat drop and the subsequent acknowledgment, "Bro I know that this one beats my last song," not only stood out to me as proof the artist is truly thoughtful, but also underscores H@mmy's own recognition of his growth as an artist (which is extremely important for artist's to recognize and keep track of!).

One can't help but applaud H@mmy's ingenuity. His lines possess a masterful blend of wit, humor, and truth, like "Bars coming sneaky like a Smith in focus." His storytelling is vivid, painting scenes and characters that are relatable and yet uniquely his own. The mention of the Clio transitioning to a Lotus, for instance, is symbolic of his aspirations and the journey he's on.


Heralding a dawn where acoustic serenity meets street urgency, H@MMY presents "Imminent" - an auditory pilgrimage of grit, rhythm, and raw passion.

It's remarkable to think that H@mmy, hailing from Bristol, UK, has only been in the music game for roughly 8 months. With an impressive 285k streams on Spotify, this self-taught artist, with inspirations from Songer and Mac Miller, is undeniably a force to reckon with. His meteoric rise in the industry is proof that raw talent combined with unyielding passion can break any barriers. The beauty of "Imminent" and indeed, of H@mmy's entire oeuvre, lies in its authenticity; which is precisely why the melding of genres works so well.

In the world of hip-hop, there's often talk of the 'next big thing.' It's safe to say that H@mmy isn’t just the next big thing; he is the NOW. As the US grapples with the new British invasion, one can't help but tip their hat to H@mmy and the fresh, uncharted territories he’s introducing to the hip-hop landscape.

"Imminent" isn't just a song; it's an experience - one that is felt and not just heard. And in this artist's burgeoning discography stands as a shining example of the magic that happens when heart meets hustle. Welcome to the world of H@mmy - where every beat tells a story, and every story is DEFINITELY worth the listen!

Check out "Imminent" by H@MMY below!👇


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