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GREEN PULSE AUDIO - High Quality Mixing & Mastering for Your Project

MUSIC FARMER 5 - Adam Jones

Unleashing Sonic Magic with Andrea Lo Verde

From the digital world of Fiverr emerges an auditory sorcerer, one whose sonic brush paints a picture so compelling that it's near-impossible to turn away. GREEN PULSE AUDIO, helmed by the illustrious Andrea Lo Verde, is not just a mixing service, but an expedition into the very soul of sound.

In the vast sea of mixing engineers, Andrea stands as a towering lighthouse. His vast 25 years of experience - which includes working alongside industry titans like Sylvia Massy, Rich Veltrop, Red Canzian, and Ivan Antonio Rossi - has armed him with a unique sonic sensibility. The mixing samples you can hear on Fiverr demonstrate his extreme prowess and refined artistic taste. You are immediately engulfed by the powerful drums, while still feeling the depth and warmth of the bass. The guitars cut through but also shimmer - the vocals soar. To achieve a balanced yet also exciting mix is extremely tough - but not for Andrea Lo Verde of GREEN PULSE AUDIO!

Branching out to embrace all genres, Andrea's expertise isn't confined to the realms of heavy rock and metal. While his mastery in these domains is evident, his versatility shines just as brightly in every other genre he touches. Every mix feels as if he’s delving deep into the essence of the song, extracting its core, and magnifying it for the world to hear.


In the vast sea of mixing engineers, Andrea stands as a towering lighthouse. His vast 25 years of experience, which includes collaborations with industry titans like Sylvia Massy and Rich Veltrop, has armed him with a unique sonic sensibility.

GREEN PULSE AUDIO isn't just about delivering a polished product, he's about crafting an experience. Andrea Lo Verde doesn't simply tweak knobs and adjust sliders; he seems to channel the very spirit of music, molding it into a form that's as compelling as it is magnetic.

In a world teeming with sound, finding that distinct, clear, and captivating voice can be a Herculean task. But with GREEN PULSE AUDIO, and the wizardry of Andrea Lo Verde, that voice doesn't just emerge—it SOARS!

If you're looking to elevate your music-transcending the ordinary and venturing into the extraordinary-your quest ends with GREEN PULSE AUDIO. It’s not just mixing; it’s a sonic renaissance.

Check out GREEN PULSE AUDIO mixing & mastering examples in the viceo below!👇

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