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GOOD SPELLS - "In For The Kill" (Featuring AN1ML)

Review by Adam Jones - MUSIC FARMER 5

Good Spells and AN1ML Craft an Unforgettable, Genre-Defying Experience

Enter the dystopian world of "In For The Kill," the latest release by UK-based producer Good Spells, featuring the haunting vocals of Canadian artist AN1ML. This dark, cinematic hybrid-electronic track transports listeners to a realm where ethereal, down-tempo beats meet the intensity of Linkin Park and the industrial future-goth genre. With its epic electronic artistry, "In For The Kill" is a thrilling journey through sound and emotion.

From the opening notes, Good Spells' passion for ambient synths and classic hip-hop drums shines through. The track begins with a deep, cinematic synth, ethereal vocal synth, and glowing bass, enveloping listeners in a cocoon of sound that is both mysterious and alluring. The entrance of AN1ML's intense, passionate vocals, alongside Good Spells' own powerful voice, elevates the song to new heights of emotional resonance. It's as if we're trapped inside the Matrix, waiting for Good Spells and AN1ML to break us free.


From the opening notes, Good Spells' passion for ambient synths and classic hip-hop drums shines through.


The music video for "In For The Kill" perfectly complements the song's epic nature. With stunning cyberpunk imagery, the video takes viewers on a visual journey through a futuristic world where space travelers witness a tragedy that might be of their own making. As the video concludes with a distant view of Earth, we're left with an overwhelming sense of awe and wonder that lingers long after the final chord has faded.

GOOD SPELLS has truly outdone himself with "In For The Kill." Merging ambient synths and dark sonics with the powerful vocals of AN1ML, he has created a track that resonates deeply with listeners, taking them on a thrilling, otherworldly journey. This song is a testament to GOOD SPELLS' artistic prowess and a must-listen for fans of innovative, genre-defying music. Don't miss the chance to experience this captivating masterpiece - check out "In For The Kill" below to be transported to another dimension.

Check out "In For The Kill" by GOOD SPELLS below!👇


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