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FLAME OF LIFE presents "Saturn"

MUSIC FARMER 5 - Review by Adam Jones

Exploring the Lazer Frontier

In the vast and ever-evolving universe of music, few bands dare to traverse the uncharted territories of sound with as much audacity and finesse as FLAME OF LIFE. Their latest album, "Saturn," showcases their fearless journey, catapulting listeners across the cosmic expanse of their unique soundscape. From the opening notes of “Mablai” to the final echoes of “Kalemai,” "Saturn" is an interstellar odyssey that defies the gravitational pull of genre conventions.

The album kicks off with “Mablai,” a track that encapsulates the experimental spirit of FLAME OF LIFE. The song is a chaotic yet harmonious fusion of droning vocals and an intense bass synthesizer, reminiscent of an 8-bit video game soundtrack reimagined for a punk rock concert in a haunted forest. This opening sets the tone for an album that’s not just heard, but experienced.

Horaize” propels the listener further into the abyss with its frenetic drum patterns and distorted organ, layered over a symphony of synths that could very well be the soundtrack for a journey to the edge of the Solar System. The vocals, with their eerie Misfits-esque quality, soar high, adding a hauntingly beautiful layer to the track’s complex structure.

As we delve deeper, “Aesm Ra” revisits the bass synth magic of “Mablai,” anchored by a hypnotic vocal loop that ensnares the listener, while the tom-tom drums add an earthy counterbalance to the cosmic theme.

The album’s title track, “Saturn,” is a masterpiece of atmospheric sound. It starts with what could be perceived as the eerie sounds of Saturn’s rings, captured by some distant NASA probe, before diving into a deep bass synth and spaced-out vocals that conjure images of interstellar radio communications.

Closing the album, “Kalemai” is a punk rock frenzy with an intense bass guitar and relentless drumming, enveloped in vocals that are at once raw and ethereal, thanks to an intense reverb that makes the listener feel as though they are sharing the room with the band.


The album kicks off with “Mablai,” a track that encapsulates the experimental spirit of FLAME OF LIFE.


Behind "Saturn" is the collaborative spirit of FLAME OF LIFE and the Tunnels, a synergy forged on tour and honed in the studio. This album not only continues the "lazer" tradition established by earlier works like "Flame of Life" (2017) and "Red Sunset" (2019) but also incorporates elements from their diverse discography, creating a sonic experience that is both familiar and fresh.

FLAME OF LIFE, with its eclectic lineup featuring Fazer, The Bottle, Dead Flower, Arxonix, the Cowboy, Amsheah, and Damien Nolan, continues to redefine what music can be. Each member brings a unique element to the table, from the oriental guitar riffs of Amsheah to the unconventional drumming of the Cowboy, a testament to their varied backgrounds and the band's inclusive ethos.

"Saturn" is more than an album; it's a journey through the cosmos, courtesy of a band that refuses to be tethered by genre or convention. FLAME OF LIFE invites us on this expedition, offering a glimpse into the infinite possibilities of musical exploration. As we orbit the creative genius of FLAME OF LIFE, "Saturn" serves as a reminder that in the vast expanse of the musical universe, there are still new worlds to discover and conquer.

Check out "Saturn" by FLAME OF LIFE on Jamendo below!👇


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