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FIST OF FIVE - "Sparrow Road"

MUSIC FARMER 5 - Review by Wolf Georgia

A Triumphant Return to Rock Royalty

From the fiery forges of the Midwest, FIST OF FIVE has stormed back into the music scene with their sensational new album, "Sparrow Road". The very name strikes a chord of nostalgic familiarity for anyone who's roamed the alternative rock scene of the 2000s. Their legendary live shows, showered in rose petals and smashing guitars, once set the Midwest ablaze. Now, they're back, and if "Sparrow Road" is any indication, they've returned with a bang.

The album launches with “The Dance,” an audacious display of what FIST OF FIVE does best. We're greeted with an ethereal piano, its notes drifting in like a distant memory. But soon, the powerhouses of distorted guitars and drums strike in. The song's juxtaposition of softness and sheer intensity keeps listeners on their toes, akin to being on a thrilling roller coaster with unexpected plunges and ascents.

Next, “Can’t Be Over” offers listeners an intimate embrace. The production is so pristine, you'd believe you're right there with the band. Acoustic guitars string together a tale of love, loss, and longing, creating a rock ballad stripped to its rawest essence.

The title track, “Sparrow Road,” deserves a paragraph of its own. Opening with an epic cinematic piano hook, it paints the image of a phoenix-like sparrow rising, transcending challenges. The lyrics echo a story of endurance, with the chorus slamming into listeners with a force that's hard to describe, yet impossible to forget.

Imperfections” is a raw anthem for the rebels, the outsiders, and anyone who’s ever felt a little different. Its spirited group chants and crushing guitar riffs keep the adrenaline pumping.

Can You Hear Me” is a heartfelt acoustic piece with a touch of the classic FIST OF FIVE sound, reminiscent of bands like Hinder. Passion pours from every note, making it impossible not to be entranced.

Concluding the album, “Farewell My Friend” delves deep into emotions. From its moody guitar intro to the intense crescendos, it's a beautiful juxtaposition of the light and dark shades of life, perfectly encapsulating the essence of the album.


From the fiery forges of the Midwest, FIST OF FIVE has stormed back into the music scene with their sensational new album, "Sparrow Road".

From their beginnings at the University of Oklahoma to sharing stages with greats like Avenged Sevenfold and Hinder, FIST OF FIVE has never been about the spotlight. It's always been about the art, the music, and the show. With "Sparrow Road", they've yet again crafted a masterpiece. The artistry is palpable, and every track is a testament to their commitment to creating profound, transformative music.

With producer Sylvia Massy and engineer Sterling Winfield refining the soundscape, FIST OF FIVE has not just made a comeback – they've carved a new path in the annals of rock history. Whether you've been a die-hard fan since their early days or are just discovering them now, FIST OF FIVE is an album that deserves a spot in every rock enthusiast's collection.

Check out "Sparrow Road" by FIST OF FIVE below!👇


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