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fict.ion - "Out of Time"

Review by Adam Jones - MUSIC FARMER 5

A Harmonious Blend of Innovation and Nostalgia; Reshaping the World of Electronic Music

Hailing from the vibrant musical hub of Austin, TX, hails the innovative and versatile electronic producer known as fict.ion. With influences spanning from electronic titans like Wax Tailor to Daft Punk, fict.ion delivers a captivating sonic experience with "Out of Time."

"Out of Time" immediately captivates the listeners with its engaging drum groove, accentuated by a mysterious flange effect. The track skillfully combines electronic textures with organic sounds, incorporating an energetic e-piano rhythm, an inventive bass line, and solid brass elements to create a stylish atmosphere.

The immersive quality of "Out of Time" is enhanced by the way in which the vocals interact with the stereo field. The way the vocals dance across the stereo field accentuate the deep lyrical content - which emphasize the idea of providing someone with the time they need to complete a task and the pressure and urgency that comes from expecting swift results for one's own satisfaction.

fict.ion's use of samples from "Do Travel" by Night Cap, featuring Big Wy's Brass Band, and a public domain reading of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart" adds an ingenious narrative element to the track, adding in air of depth and mystery.


fict.ion delivers a captivating sonic experience with "Out of Time"


As "Out of Time" unfolds, the listener is guided through a soundscape that alternates between calm and intense moods, reflecting the emotional complexities of the human experience. The song's outro leaves you with a sense of having been on a thoughtful and engaging journey.

In a world where electronic music is continually evolving, fict.ion's "Out of Time" serves as a solid example of the artist's talent and creativity. The track represents a blend of diverse musical influences and appeals to fans of electronic, jazz, acoustic, and heavy metal alike. With "Out of Time", fict.ion has crafted a noteworthy masterpiece that will undoubtedly find its way onto major playlists everywhere.

Check out the title track

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