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EVELYN J - "Letters"

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

MUSIC FARMER 5 - Review by Adam Jones

Where Heartbreak Meets Healing

The landscape of contemporary music has seen the advent of artists who, despite their tender youth, display a wisdom and depth reminiscent of age-old poets and seasoned crooners. Rising from this milieu, quickly cementing her place as a force to be reckoned with, is EVELYN J with her heart-wrenchingly poignant song, “Letters.”

"Letters" opens with a dreamlike ensemble of acoustic guitar, keyboard, and violin, reminiscent of the transcendental blends you might find in chart-topping tracks from Snow Patrol or Keane. As the harmonious trio converges, it forms an ethereal backdrop that sets the stage for the true star: EVELYN J’s impeccable voice. As she begins to serenade us, there’s a sense of intimacy that forms. One can't help but feel as though they're hearing a personal diary entry sung aloud, the words laced with vulnerability and unspoken truths.

With the song being a staple from the much-awaited EP “Heartbreak Hangover”, it’s no wonder that it weaves a narrative of profound introspection. The lyrics, music, and overarching atmosphere converge in a symphony that amplifies the sensation of being lonely in a crowd. The pulsating rhythm seems to mirror the palpable heartbeat of someone recounting a painful past.

Drawing upon elements that remind listeners of iconic pop sensations like Olivia Rodrigo, the track soon ramps up. The introduction of drums and guitars, coupled with haunting harmonies, make for a sonic experience that feels both new and nostalgic, akin to the revival of a glorious '90s power ballad.

Her closing words, “Run away or else, I’ll say that I love you, but I’m scared of losing you, so I never tell you the truth, But I love you, and I’m sorry that I left, cuz I miss you, do you feel it too,” strike deep. They are a reflection of her lyrical prowess and musical dedication, rooted in her long-standing passion for music and songwriting.


Rising from this milieu, quickly cementing her place as a force to be reckoned with, is EVELYN J with her heart-wrenchingly poignant song, “Letters.”

Chicago-raised EVELYN J’s journey has been one marked by passion and tenacity. "Letters" is a diamond-laden showcasing of her profound skill as a singer and recording artist. It's a reminder of why she decided never to turn back after embarking on this musical voyage. As this track awaits its debut on local Denver stages and global platforms, there’s an undeniable promise that its emotional weight will resonate with listeners worldwide.

Whether you're sipping on an oat milk latte, reminiscing about past regrets, or simply in need of a musical embrace, EVELYN J's "Letters" is your companion. Her voice, the story, and the song’s evocative atmosphere promise not just a listen, but an experience.

Check out "Letters" by EVELYN J below!👇


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